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list of symptoms and tests

hi everyone,
as greenlydia has suggested,with your help i'll start a new thread about the symptoms we've experienced, tests we've done and specialists we've seen that have concluded that it was/is anxiety.
i hope this would help everyone on this forum.

symptoms (started at the end of June of last year)

heart pounding
heart beating fast
fluctuations in blood pressure
chest pressure
chest pain (excruciating at times)
headaches (almost 24/7)
shortness of breath
panic attacks
waking up several times over night
vivid crazy dreams/nightmares
pins and needles all over the body
burning sensation in arms and legs
muscle aches - particularly in arms and legs
joint pain - again mainly in arms and legs
light headedness
snarkiness - arms, legs, whole body
numbness - arms, legs, scalp, abdomen, face
temporary loss of hearing
tightness in throat
hot flashes
turning pale
night sweats
neck and shoulders pain, tension, tightness
muscle twitches allover the body
muscle weakness
loss of appetite
weight loss
fear of being alone
ringing in ears
pressure in head/ears
electrical surges through the body
temporary paralysis of arms and/or legs
repetitive obsessive thoughts
plus more


ecg's - over 20
blood work - over 20 - routine, plus: thyroid, crp, rheumatoid factor, autoimmune, Lyme, liver enzymes, electrolytes etc
24 h holter
2 weeks loop monitor (twice)
cardiac stress test
chest X-rays - at least 6
head CT scan
head MRI
neurological exam
routine physical exam

doctors i've seen

family doctor
ER doctors - more than 15 different ones
2 cardiologists
psychologists -2
will be seeing an internal medicine doctor and a specialist in pain management

looking forward to hearing from all of you
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The AMA has reported that 85% or more of presentation to a GP doctor is stress related and that 60% of ambulance calls in major cities are anxiety and/or stress related

We certainly are high maintenance
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Thank you for taking the lead in starting a new thread for what I feel is a very interesting, informative and supportive topic.
It may take a while before folks start responding, but they will.
You can always bump your post back to the top to keep it in front of people.

I do have a question concerning one of your symptoms. What, exactly, is  "snarkiness - arms, legs, whole body." (?)

I've never heard of this problem and would appreciate you telling us what the symptoms are. Thanks!

And thank you again for bringing this subject into the 21st century! LOL

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sorry, i meant shakiness, as in i shake like i'm plugged into an outlet;
that would qualify as a typo ;-), thanks for pointing it out
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*IF ANYTHING IS HELPING YOU (meds, therapies, etc.)

(I will post my own symptoms after some upcoming tests & appointments)
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wonderful idea,
i've had the symptoms since the end on June - not all of them at once thought. Some have disappeared, but new ones replaced them.

what helps ...

hot baths sometimes
relaxation music
several self-hypnosis clips on YouTube
lorazepam (which i hate but still take occasionally)
keeping busy
not much else yet, but i'm open to suggestions.
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i forgot one - when my heart starts pounding my cardiologist suggested i close my eyes and press gently on my eyeballs - it does work in lowering my pulse, i'd check with a doctor before doing that, don't just take my word for it as i have no medical training whatsoever
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Hi, all - ok, if I have this right - this is right up my alley, as I'm the Symptom Queen!  My symptoms  -

headaches (usually sinus, but sometimes tension)
neck and back tightness / stiffness
nausea (occasional)
vertigo (mostly in the past, thank god!)
involuntary shakes
chest 'tightness'
shortness of breath
fight or flight response (I run out of the house / call someone, usually my therapist - thankfully, mostly in the past)
compulsions of various sorts (usually related to something being "contaminated," apparently a common type of ocd)
various 'pains'
fear of being alone
irrational fear of specific people
random 'angry' attitude (e.g. at store clerks, etc.)
talking too fast
heart racing
heart pounding
swallowing difficulties
weight loss
weight gain
...and so on.  Anxiety seems to create a plethora of symptoms, at least in me!  One weird thing - I would often bang my head on something - a wall, the roof of a car when getting in, what have you - and that would become a Big Deal meriting at least an email to the doctor.  He was great though, although that hastened my referral to the psychiatrist!  

I have had these symptoms, (not all at once!) since I was a kid.  It is only now, at age 59, that despite years of therapy, I finally am beginning to really deal with and get a handle on, my anxiety and ocd.  

Great Thread!  Anna
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i noticed people are still using the old thread when posting their lists of symptoms/tests/specialists, so i thought of "bumping"this up a bit, maybe it's going to start being used/useful
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