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list your anxiety symptoms

Thought it might help every1 out if we listed our symptoms, that way we know who has what and how we can relate and help each other out! Perhaps this is a dumb idea but I thought I'd give it a shot.
Mine is muscle tension, jaw and ear pain and dizzness.
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Howdy. This might be a bit lengthy, but here goes. Depression, lack of desire for previously enjoyable activities, anxiety-especially in social situations, insomnia, migraines, numbed emotions, unfounded fear, disturbing dreams, short term memory lapses, and difficulty concentrating. Thee are prolly a couple more, but these are the most bothersome. Best wishes, GM-
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Insomnia, internal-shaking...almost a buzzing feeling in my stomach and legs, shaky hands, hot flashes, my teeth and jaw chatter, derealization and depersonalization, flashing or blurry vision...like a small strobelight is on......fear of going crazy or dying of course, dizziness, muscle weakness especially in my arms and legs. Some of the symptoms occur more often then others, a few have only happened when I was having an attack.
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MMM I feel on the urge of passing out which leads to ful blown attacks and then anxiety inbetween thinking another one is going to happen...I am convinced I have cancer or something else wrong with me b/c I almost always feel weird or in pain :(
foggy head, derealization, shaky, sweaty, floaters in my eye, shooting pain in my head,heart palpitations, shooting pains in my body everywhere, pain in my stomach both sides where your gallballder is but I had mine removed...appending doom almost always...this all started 3-4 weeks ago hoping it will go away when my husband returns from overseas....God bless everyone and we will fight it together!!
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heart palpitations, feeling like i cant breathe, chest pain, shakiness, im only 17 and it *****, i had my 1st blown out panic attack like 3 weeks ago and idk why it even started :/
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I wake up with anxity, fear of the day and unable to breathe.  Also depression.  I am on meds.  I am curious if any one else who has posted on meds and still experiencing what you have posted.  thanks.
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I forget to add that I am diagnosed with GAD.
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