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losing the plot!!!!

for 6 months now i have had a ringing in my left ear, after a gave birth to my baby 8 weeks ago i started feeling dizzy and off balance and it hasn't gone away since. i have pressure in my fore head and the base of my scull, major tension in my neck and shoulders, weakness in my lover spine, arms and legs, heart palpitations.... i am only 23 i am a stay at home mum  with  3 yr old a 2 yr old and an 8 week old boys, i have had anxiety problems for 15 years!!! but never had anything like this... i feel like I'm constantly swaying... I'm freaking out!!! i think its a brain tumor or MS.. I'm going for a MRI on the 2nd of October... its killing me waiting for that... i wanna know whats wrong... but what if something is actually wrong?? by the end of every day I'm in tears!!! and that alone for me is weird... because i never cry!! i can probably count the number of times Ive cried in the last 10 yrs on one hand. I'm really struggling to cope.. I'm scared to go out in case i die of what ever is wrong with me and my kids are left alone where ever i am, i;m scared to have a bath in case i get too dizzy or disorientated and drown... when ever we do go out i just want to go home, its getting ridiculous.
i havent talked to my husband about this.. he knows something is wrong because he came to bed two days ago to find me in a snotty crying mess on our bed.. but what do i say it ok i'm just mental.
i have been reading the other posts which has kinda put my mind at ease... but i know it wont last
any help or advice is greatly appreciated
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It might be a condition called Minier's Disease (not sure of spelling) that causes dizziness and tinitis, or ringing of the ear.  But you'll have to see a doc to find out for sure.
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Honestly it can be stress related.  Are you on any meds for anxiety? I think a good SSRI would do you some good.  Also, maybe you should pick up yoga, or start jogging, excercise is really good for stress.   I doubt its a brain tumor, those are really rare, howevr..they're not impossible. i'm just saying, all this happened when your child was born, and you said that you hada history of anxiety, so just looking at the clues

just breathe :) you'll be okay, i promise, I have a constant ringing in my ears, (for longer than 6 months, more like...years)  I get tension all over, sometimes i'll be sitting, and then i'll become conscience of how tense my muscles are, and I have to actually MAKE myself relax and loosen up my muscles.

stress is hard to deal with.  However, you're not alone.

let us know how things go, this is a great community.  good luck!
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Your not losing the plot!!! I know its hard but you have to try and focus on something else. All the physical symptoms you have could all just be anxiety, i mean you should read some of my old posts, I had pretty much completely lost it at one point, I couldnt do anything I was having so many weird sensations and symptoms and I still am to this day!! I bet you any money that your scan will come back normal, just as mine did a year ago.
Message me if you like,
Hope you feel better soon.
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As to Skelly's comment, don't rush to be on ssris, especially if you're breastfeeding.  Better to first see a doctor and rule out a physiological cause, then see a therapist and deal with it that way if it's not physiological.  Meds will be there if you need them, no need to rush into that thicket just yet.
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I agree with paxiled,  

You should rule all other things out, seek therapy. therapy is a powerful tool.

and if youre breastfeeding, then i'd definitely be careful with SSRI's
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Feel weird all the time like dreaming and things aren't real but I know they are. I have had this for a few years been to so many doctors no one can help they all say there is nothing wrong but know there is and it sounds just like yours my eyes are starting to go squint every now and then but as it happens people say my eyes look fine but my vision goes double as if I am squinting them please let me know if you find anything cause I gave up already.thanks and good luck
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