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lsd and after effects

I took lsd  for the first time 4 days ago and i think i had a bad trip. i thought that i was never gonna get out of the state of mind i was in. The next day i felt so werid as if i could not concnertrate on things. Then i start feeling anxious. The next day i woke up and had a mild panic attack in the morning when i felt the same and the feeling did not go away. I threw up right after that and my mind is racing and all i can think about is why i feel so werid and anxious. All i want to  do is go to sleep. then yesterday i had another mini panic attack in class in the morning when i was looking up the after effects of lsd. Then thourought the day i try not to think i about the fact the i feel anxious and the fact the lsd might have messed my brain up. Then last night i looked up somthing called dysphoria and i feel as though i might have a mild verision of this. then today morning i woke up and felt the same. all i want is for this feeling to go away. Will i ever feel normal? and what is it that i am feeling?
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You're just feeling the effects of a bad trip. Lsd is known to trigger these kinds of feelings in people who already have a psychological condition. Never take psychedelic drugs if you aren't in the right state of mind, as this is what will happen. Never take drugs in general....hahah, but in all honesty, if you're not ready for a profound, life altering experience like that, don't do it. They're powerful on your thoughts and emotions. You'll be fine. If it gets worse, see a doctor about the anxiety. But lsd is virtually harmless, in every aspect other than your brain and mentality. So be careful!
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so you think ill get over this with time?
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Keep in mind that pure LSD disappeared in the Sixties.  Almost all of it since then has been cut with speed, which makes it hard to come down and makes the trip longer.  So yes, you'll probably get over this.  
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its been 6 days now and i think im depressed. i dont want to be depressed but im not as hungry anymore i dont wanna do anything but sleep and think about why i ever took ls in the first place. i regret it so much. is this normal? will be back to my old self soon?
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