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I have a mood disorder. Doctors said I have parnoid schizophrenia with drug addiction problems.  Well I have been clean for about 6 months now until recently I smoked a couple times "wweedd" with some old friends. I was ok the first couple of times, but the third time we smoked quite a bit about 5 bowls worth between me and a friend of mine. Well we went to the mall and I had a very bad reaction I thought people were all looking at me and knew I was high and were trying to take advantage of me. This got me going pretty bad and I felt like my head was going to burst. While I was walking I felt a big pressure in my left leg everrytime I walked. I dunno if it was my boot rubbing against my leg or if it was my blood pressure at the time. Well after the mall we went to burger kind and I ate a considerably amount of food. 3 rodeo burgers, apple pie ,hot choclate, 4 cookies, and a soda. well after we got to his place we smoked more weed. thenn after that I left and went to walmart. I took my blood pressure at the machine as soon as I got done walking to it. it read 167 over 85 or somthing but I was scared it was that high. I thought I was going to die. I took it about 5 more times and the pressure went down each time. But since then my left leg has had pain. im worried that i gave myself a anuresm in my left leg does this sound like it could have happened? im 30 years old
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I think you just had a panic attack. I myself dont mix well with weed. My panic gets out of control and I think I am dying as well. Your BP was high because your anxiety was. Chances are you had a sore muscle and because you were peaking your mind made the pain much worse than it was. If you had a clot you would know, your leg would be large and discoloured and warm to the touch. Plus the pain would be unbearable.
I would think its probably best to lay off the weed and see your doc for your mood disorder
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Again Alisonj29 has given great advice.

If you still are getting anxiety and or panic attacks, here are some basic and potent tips/techniques to deal with it.

Ok, there are pre panic tips and full panic tips.

Let's start with the pre panic tips.

A rubber band around the wrist can help if you use it before the anxiety turns into an anxiety attack. As soon as you start to feel weird you snap the rubber band onto your wrist. For some people, this can "snap" (pun intended) them out of going into the anxiety or panic attack.

When you start to feel the anxiety coming on, think of the most odd thoughts you possibly can. Wonder what a star would look like if it were really a circle in disquise.......how many cattapilars would it take to reach from the earth to saturn if they were drinking caffine. Distracting your thoughts with such bizaare thinking will redirect your mind from getting worse.

Sit down on a bench or chair, put your head between your legs, and force yourself to breathe in deeply, and breathe out deeply. It's when the breathing gets to short and quick that the panic gets worse. At first you might feel like you  can't do it, but with practice, you can.

If you wear correctional glasses, take them off. For some reason sight plays into some peoples anxiety problems.

Ok, now for when you are in an actual panic attack.

Cold water on the face, forehead, neck, and wrists can help calm the anxiety or panic down. If it's cold enough, it's kind of like shocking you out of the attack.

To add to the cold water technique, if you are in full blown panic attack, find ice as soon as you can, put it into some kind of rag or cloth, wet it, and rub it all over your head, face, neck, and behind your ears. Again, the cold shocks the mind out of the anxiety.

Here are some tips to prevent the anxiety and or panic attacks.

Stay away from caffine, as a rule, it is the MAIN reason people suffer from anxiety disorder and panic disorder.

Surround yourself with comedy whenever you start to feel off. Laughter is another technique that can fool the brain into concentrating somewhere else.

Keep a herbal tea you made handy when you are out and about. If you want, as long as you make sure it is safe for you, I will send you some "calm down" recipies that are 100% natural and legal.
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I'll take some "calm down" tea ideas. I just got my blood pressure read today and it was 130/100, I'm 37 yrs old. Please send to ***@****
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