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My doctor prescribed clonazepam (klonopin) and also xanax, I take .5 clonazepam twice a day, every twelve hours and xanax 3 times a day .25 mg.  does anyone else take both of these medications together? They are working but I was just afraid it was too much. Thank you
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There are other folks on this forum who can answer your question with far greater authority than I can, but I personally believe that you're being overmedicated. The Klonopin will do everything the Xanax does.....and will do it better. Because it is a long acting benzo, you are far less likely to develope a tolerance to it. Xanax should never be taken for longer than four months on a daily basis......at which point it will lose it's efficacy. Taken longer than that, you will be dealing with some really nasty problems down the road. If the dose of Klonopin you're currently on is not controlling your panic, I would speak with your doctor about possibly increasing the dose and stepping the Xanax out of the picture completely. Very few doctors who understand benzos, and that narrows the playing field greatly, will usually not perscribe two benzos at the same time. I think you need to have a chat with your doctor.......soon.
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Have to agree with the above post. That is like been twice medicated. Normally people are either on Xanax by 3 a day or Klonopin by 2 a day. Just seems a big bit odd to hear of someone on both that amount of times a day. But I am no doctor either. Just think others might find it strange too.
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I was put on both at the same time, but since the Xanax heightened my anxiety, I didn't stay on it long.  
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Ive had both of these meds together and it works well if you have the same kind of anxiety.... i hope it works for you!
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While not very common, some people do and can take two different Benzos together.

What I think your doctor may be trying to do is combine the Klonopin (long half life) with the Xanax (short half life) to give to a steady flow and lasting anti-anxiety effect.

I only take Xanax at 3Mgs a day. (thats enough Xanax to put most people in a coma)
But I have built a very high tolerance to the drug.

Just be careful and don't get addicted like me.
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