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meds and help vs. just meds

hey guys, I was just wondering, i know the ideal way to go is a combination of CBT therapy with a psychologist AND meds like an SSRI, but anyone out there trying to beat this on their own with maybe help from SSRI medication and no help from a psychologist? how is it panning out for you?
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I think the ideal combination depends on your situation, your source of anxiety and what your overall objective is. I think generally the accepted scenario is therapy and if necessary meds to help support the therapy but not everyone takes that approach... some have meds and no therapy, some have therapy and no meds... in my situation I believe for me the combination was the best but what works for me might be different for you... if there is one thing i've learned with this thus far as it is very much an individual process.... good luck! keep us posted!.... btw are you on an SSRI now?
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joey i still see that lexapro collecting dust on your shelf huh?...havent found a therapist yet?

why dont you just give it a chance?...you can always quit the meds if you dont like it....IMO.....
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Yeah I completely agree with every word you said. Well.. with all this thats been going on and all these physical symptoms that I was having, my Doc literally checked me for EVERYTHING. when nothing came up and he said its almost positively anxiety- I was so confused. I have no trigger, no trauma that I have had in my life, and I feel like the same average amount of stress as everyone else. But after the "panic attacks" happened, I was becoming more and more afraid that they were going to happen again, and where will I be when that happens. So if I didn't have an anxiety problem before, I definitely do now. So my PCP prescribed me Lexapro a few weeks back but I havent touched them yet. I really want to see a psychologist or a psychiatrist and get mentally evaluated by someone who specializes in that field before I take the SSRI. But its been really hard trying to find a good therapist. i dont even know if i want a psychiatrist or a psychologist and many dont accept insurances at all.. so its been an annoying process. and all this while i have some good days where it seems that i dont have anxiety at all and then some days out of no where im internally nervous and shaky and mentally exhausted all day.. lol sorry for the novel, thanks for letting me rant.
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lol I knowww.. Im just so undecided.. like i said before, i was getting better and each day was  better and better and I start thinking to myself, hm maybe it was just a phase and now that I'm okay and i feel great, I dont need any SSRI and i just need my positive attitude and whatnot. but yeah- last night and today im just nervous and anxious and weak all day, and episodes where my heart will start to beat incredibly fast and hard.
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Turkee is right... you can always stop taking the meds but as someone who started this process some 24 days ago.... you need to give these meds a chance to work and unfortunately that usually ends up being a 6-8 week commitment....I would definitely try to find a psychologist or psychiatrist and at least try one session with them before starting the meds...I am not familiar with the insurance issues you guys have cause I live in Canada but I can tell you here psychologists are NOT covered by our universal medicare.. but they are covered for a few sessions with my extended health benefits at work.....psychiatrists are covered by medicare but you need to be referred by your family doctor.....in Canada only psychiatrists are allowed to dispense medication.. psychologists are not..... anyway hope it works out... i think I am on the upswing after weeks of crappy side effects from the Lexapro and in the process of upping my dose from 10 mg to 15 mg as per my doctor..... im chronicling each day on it if you want to follow that thread....
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Thanks CanuckGuy42! I definitely want to follow your thread, going there now!
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I do not see a therapist and I take Wellbutrin for OCD/anxiety.  However, I will say that I used to see somebody when I first started having these attacks.  The lessons I learned then I apply now, even 17 years later.  So it isn't as if you have to go forever.  You can learn the CBT techniques and if down the road you need them, you can recall them.  Although, it does help to sometimes just talk to someone.  I mulled that over and decided it was not in my budget at the time so I talk on here!  In short, best to learn the techniques while in therapy.  Best of luck.  
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I would have to agree with much of what has been said.  Whether or not to take medication is definitely a personal choice and people can have a lot of success in dealing with anixety no matter which route you choose to take in my opinion.

I have had great success on an SSRI and I believe that it has helped me tremendously as I went through counseling.  From a pure statistical standpoint, with a lot that I have read the best outcomes are with a combination of medication and therapy, however, I believe that long term, counseling is the most important step in my experience with this.  But, I also believe that being on the SSRI was one of the best decisions I have made in overcoming and dealing with this.

I was initially very skeptical and a little afraid of taking it, but the good thing is that SSRIs have been around and have been proven to be very safe...to be honest, I get more side effects taking an over the counter antihistamine than I do with an SSRI.  I initially did notice some side effects when I started and adjusted the dosage, however, I also probably linked every little abnormal feeling within my body to the fact I was taking the medication whetther it was related or not.  But after about a month, I noticed the difference and I have had no issues with it.

Anxiety can be very hard and quite frankly scary to initially deal with, but as you learn about it and then to confront it, you will get through it.  As whether to see a psychologist or psychiatrist, it depends on what you want.  In my experience, the psychologist is going to focus on your therapy while a psychiatrist (who is an MD) can handle your medication issues if it makes you feel more comfortable to talk to one.  Just keep us posted!
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Hey Guys! I just wanted to add that I had the same kind of panic attacks, and after some extended talk therapy, I found out I am bipolar two - which involves long bouts of depression and short bouts of hypomania (which sometimes just masquerades as being really happy and euphoric). I don't want to say anxiety and bipolar are the same thing at all. Just wanted to throw out there that I had agoraphobia, panic attacks, and crying bouts and they were all part of the rapid cycling. I don't have them anymore on a mix of lexapro and seroquel.
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