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mid back pain

hi im a regular and have major anx issues and depression ocds etc i have been experiencing mid back pain lately and whilst i have had long term stomach probs worry really badly about sinister things ie cancer pancreas stomach and liver make myself so ill appetite lowered so weight loss more worry about cancer its so so scary and is ruining my life its just going round in circles and making me have nausea and fear please help me !!!!!!!!!!
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I agree. I get alot of pains in my back ever since I started going through stress!!! Too much stress for too longcan cause the craziest things to happen to us all. I noticed when I go out and relax all my pains go away but when I go home...,my back hurts! lol...Alot of what we have is brought on by stress!! I worry alot and my life ***** so my back pain gets worse. I know i have a disk problem but stress back pain is worse. lol
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Hi.  I assume you're under some type of treatment for your anxiety and OCD?  When we obcess about something being wrong with us, it makes us keenly aware of any little ache or twitch, which we imagine being the worse possible thing.  This fear and worrying is feeding our anxiety and keeping it strong. Learning how not to do this is key, and therapy helps a lot in teaching you how to not worry so much.  If the pain in your back doesn't feel muscular, and is lasting more than a week or two, see your doctor.  I hate to see people worrying their life away.  You will wake up an old person one day and wonder where all the years went.......you worried them away.  I know this isn't an easy thing to do, and besides therapy you need to find things that keep you and your mind too busy to be thinking about all of this.  You need to start living your life, not waiting for something to go wrong.  The more living you do, the better you will feel and you'll find other things to occupy your mind.  Anxiety can manifest itself in so many ways, and is very real.  Although it can't kill us, we feel like it can which is us giving all our power to it!  This is like any other medical condition that requires a doctor's care, so if you're not seeing someone to help with this, then please do so.  Get a thorough work-up for your peace of mind, and accept when they say you are fine.  Then address your anxiety. Keep talking with us, journal your feelings.....it's very therapeutic. I know you can beat this, so you can have the happy and fulfilling life you deserve. I hope this helps, and take care.
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