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my anxiety through the roof in the morning

i have been on 40 mg of celexa for a month or so after switching from lexapro due to insurance. i also take .05 klonopin . i take my meds in the morning at the same time. once the klonopin kicks in i feel better. i just dont feel like the celexa touches my anxiety and without the klonopin my anxiety wouldnt go away. does anyone have hightened anxiety in the morning? is there any ssri's that work better than others for anxiety or is taking 2 meds kinda protocol?
thanks for any input!
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I don't take meds,just xanax as needed. I could take it everday,but don't want to be addicted so I try not to. My anxiety is always worse in the mornings.
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I guess it depends on what your diagnosis is.
I had problems with antidepressants making me feel suicidal. I had problems with benzodiazepines (klonopin and the like) not covering my anxiety. The whole thing blew up with a suicidal overdose of the benzos.
I rethought the meds, and eventually discontinued them and started better and more intensive therapy.
I am very happy with the therapy. I had weight problems on the meds too.
I may be somewhat prejudiced against Celexa, as that is the first med the shrink put me on... and the first suicidal session. I don't see shrinks any more. Just a therapist.  
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Respect klonopin for what it is and do not take more than prescribed. I often hear of horror stories of withdrawal but never of people who successful wean themselves off when they show definite improvement.

I take klonopin with another med and have no fears of the medication but rather credit it for the good it does in my life.
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thanks man! I do respect klonopin for sure. i was origianally prescribed 2 .05 mg at night and .05 in the morning. but that was when my anxiety was higher at nite. now its high in the morning and i take 1 .05 klon in the morning so i am actually taking less that prescribed and seems to work
thanks again
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