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my mind get blank for a second

Hi.. My Name is Rajan

from last 15 to 20 days i feel my brain get blank for sec..??

when i dreive my bike or do any thing i noticed that i can see things but i cant act for a second and after that its normal, it happen several time in a day,,
I wisited to a doctor but they tolld me its nothing they just given me medicines but that dosnt help me...
so pls guys tell me wt to do.. is any thing Serious?? Brain tumor??? or..?
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Have you been having issues with anxiety for a while now?  What kind of medications did your doctor prescribe?  Anxiety can definitely have many 'symptoms' to include 'zoning' out.  In my experience with stress, I often can have 'gaps' in my memory while I am concentrating on a task.  Have you been able to seek help for the anxiety through counseling?
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