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napping and over analyzing

I have started open journals on this forum and has really helped me. today when I was doing my journal entry I wrote about being tired and not really doing allot of work (I don't work just moved to San Diego) not working not good for Panic Disorder people. ha ha anyway my point is I realized I have been doing allot of mental work and that can make one tired as doing physical work, then in turn I have been staying up latter. My point is I NEED NOT OVER analyze myself (sometimes , correction all the time, that does not help with my Panic Disorder, anyway just wanted to share that.
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so are you working on getting a job? that will help a lot.
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Certain jobs are helpful.  Unfortunately my job leaves me with so much time on my hands, that I'm as miserable at work as I am at home.  I either need a new job or I need to go back to school - I need something to occupy my brain so that I'm not so focused on me.
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just moved to San Diego, 3 weeks ago, actually keeping busy in my house,  need to do volunteer work, I work in the Medical Field, but now  just taking my time looking for a job, but notice when I keep busy in the day (like a job) I can function better in evening, but miss the people contact,
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