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In Dec. my son was in hosp. with dehy due to stomach virus.I then experienced extreme nausea and vomiting that put me in hosp twice for dehyd.Saw a GI doc and did a scope everything fine.Put me on Prilosec and said it was virus & stress.Saw a psych doc for stress and she said I had some anxiety but didn't need meds.After a couple days of rest everything good for 3 weeks.My son had a fever and runny nose on 1/12.I started feeling sick to my stomach that day.He was fine the next day but now a week later and still sick to my stomach.Saw my GI and he said I need to pull myself together. Saw my pysch and felt a little better after.Asked her for something, she gave me remeron,said I am not depressed but it wil help anxiety.Took it 1 night and felt like on another planet for several days.Then I worried about that.She said I could stop since only take it one night.I dont know if this is anxiety or not.Also get waves of hot a sometimes vomit.Never had anxiety before.This is getting in way,I have 2 small kids to take care of.Does this sound familiar to anyone?
HELP!The 1st time it went as fast as it came,this time seems to be sticking around.
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A virus can take 3 months to fully clear out of your body. Be patient and let it take it's course.
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I swear by ginger tea. You can either grate it, or buy it in teabag form at most stores. Just sip it straight, without sweeteners. It helps me tremendously, as my anxiety is characterized primarily by dizziness and nausea (without vomiting). I keep packets at my desk at work for those most trying moments.
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Oh, and someone started a very valuable thread about hormones and anxiety, which I truly believe go hand-in-hand for women. Perhaps you could discuss the possibility of a hormonal imbalance with your doctor. I'm about to do this myself. And you have my sympathy...I didn't keep up my fluid intake when I was recovering from bronchitis, and I passed out at the pharmacy due to dehydration.
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I too am feeling these same symptoms. I noticed the attacks after going off birth control almost 5 months ago. I was having mild panic/anxiety attacks and decided to try the drug Lexapro which was a big mistake. I ended up having an allergic reaction to it and landed in the ER. I even missed 3 days of work and all from 1 little pill. I asked the doc if it could be hormonal and he said yes and put me back on my birth control to see if that helped with the panic/anxiety attacks. Since then (the past month) I have felt extreme nausea. I have lost 10 lbs and can't keep food down. My appetite is completely gone and I have no energy. I am starting to get very concerned as it has consumed my life. I wanted to loose weight, but certainly not this way. I have a follow-up visit with my doc tomorrow. I am going to ask that he test my blood, hormones and thyroid. I have already taken 2 pregnancy tests which came back neg. I have had one pregnancy and never experienced morning sickness, but I imagine that this is what if feels like.
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