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nightime jaw clenching and morning headaches

Hello all i have dep/anxiety and i am on celexa along with low doses of klonopin and have been waking up in the morning with headaches. i know i have been "clenching" my jaw and bought a mouth guard from pharmacy sometimes helps but sometimes not. I know the clenchng is a side effect of celexa which i may be switching to cymbalta. Any input would be great Does anyone think a tmj dentist is the way to go?
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As a fellow "teeth clencher, morning headache and terrible jaw pain" sufferer, I can really relate to what a drag it is to get up in the morning.
I believe my teeth clenching is due to stress rather than my AD as it began long after I started the antidepressant. Perhaps, for you, changing meds will help.
I also tried the mouth guards you can purchase in pharmacies, but it wasn't until my dentist made me one specifically for my teeth that I got real results.
I have mild TMJ which is exascerbated by arthritis, but the mouth guard should hopefully slow down any more wear and tear on the joint.
I would recommend a discussion with your dentist about your options.
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