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    This a poem I wrote for anyone who feels lost and like they do not matter:

God be by my side,
Let me never lose my stride,
As I lay here and cry,
I ask you please for another try,
Be my light tower and guide my blinded path,
As I walk through the darkness filled with distress,
Touch me with your presence and caress,
Be my fortress in this world,                                                                                                                                As everything seems to swirl,
My heart rejoices every time you hear my prayer,
Let my words be not of thin air,
And bring me out of this despair,
Bring me back to your salvation,
where I can feel a sense of celebration,
As I know I am a child of you and you love me,
Help my heart to grow,                                                                                                                                       And spirit glow,
So hear me now I feel I am fading,
May my thoughts and words always be a reflection of you,
Because I know you will help me through,
As your holy spirit makes me renewed....

                                             May God Bless Us All and Keep Us..........

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The poem is wonderful! Thanks ever so much for composing it and sharing it with us on the forum. God has helped me through this anxiety disorder but he has made me stronger and now I feel I can help others with the same issues.

Blessings and Thank-You
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really nice poem thx
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