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non anxiety question, but could still use the help

this is a non anxiety question, cause it seems other forums people dont really reply to posts, since its not nearly as active as this community..any men on here experince like an hour glass shape penis when trying to get an erection..it only last for about 30 seconds before coming normal, but it seems to be a pretty common symptom with Peyronie’s disease..and altough its not an anxiety question, its been kinda making my anxiety flare up, which ***** since i been doing pretty good for awhile now..also i know going to a urologist would be a smart thing to do, but my coverage doesn't cover it so i would appreciate any help before i go to my regular doctor
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I understand about some of the other forums not being as busy as this one.
Since it's making your anxiety flare up why don't you see your primary care Dr about this? Would your insurance cover seeing him/her?
You might want to try the mens health forum and even the sexual health forum. Hope this helps some. Take care. Remar
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