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non benzo anxiety medication

Ive been suffering from anxiety for a long time and finally i decited to see a psych. he put me on klonapin. but i dont want to get addcited to benzos. what else can I take that is not a benzo to help me deal with my anxiety. i have it very bad. i cant go onto a a store without having a pimic attack, or talking to people.... please let me know what med i can offer to my psych.
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Any medication your psychiatrist prescribes will be addictive.  You may want to try therapy first as it is often  a big help.  None of us want to take medication, but for many, it has given us our life back.  Anxiety is like any other medical condition requiring medication to control the symptoms.  If you were told you had diabetes you wouldn't think twice about taking the necessary medication(s), anxiety is not different.  You can try therapy which can be a lengthy process, and often the medication is needed during this time. You can safely wean off benzos under the guidance of your psychiatrist.  It sounds like you need the medication and would feel much better if you took it, but it's your decision.  For me it was a no brainer, I didn't want to continue living with the panic attacks.
Your doctor feels it would benefit you, and my personal opinion is to give it a try so you can stop living in fear and get your life back.  I hope this helps, and wish you all the best.
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I think you are making an excellent decision not to continue the use of prescription medications. If you want my advice-- wean yourself of ASAP. They are not worth it. I have plenty of experience!

The best choices you can get (which work just as well without the side effects of prescription drugs) are Kava Kava, Gaba, St. John's Wort, 5-HTP, Vitamin D and lavender root. Many stress-management supplements combine some of these herbs, which I personally found most effective. It is just a matter of going to your local health food store and looking at your options. Find someone knowledgeable there who can help you decide, or do the research about a particular product on your own.
"NOW" has a great line.

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I cant suggest medications to you but they do all come with a risk of dependency. Some nowhere near as bad as Benzos can be. You need to go in and talk about your concerns and research with them what they think the best bet would be for you. Be very careful when people tell you to come off your meds and go onto herbal remedies as they all carry their own risks as well. The person that can best work with you is your doctor.
Good Luck I hope they find something that you are comfortable with
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I've resisted taking Rx meds for years, but I've come to a point where my anxiety began to really mess up my life in many ways.  It has gotten to a point where I am finally listening to my MD and my therapist, and my sister, all of whom have been recommending that I consider meds for some time.  I want to eat normally, not have panic attacks (the most random things set it off) and control my OCD which really does drive those near and dear nuts.  I'm on very low dose ativan (1/4 a pill.  Rx'd 2 a day, I take 1/4 out of fear of becoming dependent.  I'm quite sensitive to meds so that usually is enough to take the 'edge' off.
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