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nowhere else to turn :(

Hey I'm getting really worried about that is wrong with me I have had anxiety for about 4 years and I'm 17 my granny passed away at around the same time and I don't know if its linked to my feelings of anxiety of death .... I went to the doctor and they told me nothing was wrong I just had to go see a psychologist so I am but to be honest its not helping everyday I still feel rubbish... my symptems are sore arms and legs also back neck , extream headaches chest pains , spaced out feeling and strange feelings in my tummy and chest I also get the shakes and get very hot . I'm always feeling faint and I never have any energy my sleep pattern is rubbish I hardly get any my appetite has got very limited as I just can't be bothered eating . I get very panicky about goin out and I'm contantly worring I'm gonna be ill while I'm out and its just not goin away does anyone know what else I can do . The anxiety pills they gave me dnt help atall ither :\
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What anxiety medication did they give you and how long did you take it?  The truth is that there is a medication out there that will work for you, or a combination of medications.  The trick is finding the right one(s).  This is presuming that medication is the way you want to go.  Your psychologist can't prescribe meds so did your general practitioner give it to you?  

Sincerely Vicky, we have all been in your shoes and there is a way out.  Does the psychologist help you with cognitive behavioral therapy?  When you feel like you cannot get up, you have to make yourself get up.  When you feel like you cannot eat, you have to make yourself eat.  This is your life and you have to take it back.  Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones.  For starters you are young, the chances of you having some major health problem are slim to none so tell yourself that worrying about death at your age is a fiction and you do not live in a fictional world, you live in the here and now.  Counter every negative thought with a positive one.  If you can pick up the book Self-Communication by Joseph Luciani.  It has a wealth of information including coping strategies.  Please post again if you need anything else.  
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You seem like you have been going through this long enough thats its broke you down. For one you sound like your writting the checklist for anxiety symptoms. THe SO OMG im really going to die...thought -feeling-really your hole being right now---- is not going to change. I wasted two years of my life thinking one day i might get better, without help. Like the post said before, there are many meds to help treat this and you have to try until you find the right one. I tried two before I found what was right for me. Lexapro seemed to do the job. And as of the last 4 months I have not taken any and feel good ;-) So i was able to take the meds and used them until I felt I could do good without. And you are soo young so even therapy might work. Just dont give up till you feel better!! And there is something outthere that can help you.. Good Luck

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Hey thankyoou for the advise x I am on propaolol and have been for a month now I think.... well she tryes to help me manage to stop thinking negativ and try to relax when I have a funny turn. I have been eating a wee bit but its been mostly salads and a wee bit of meat but sometimes I just feel sick after everything I've eaten. But I am trying my hardest to control my panic and am managing a lot better that I used to so there Is a wee bit of improvment
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Hey thankyou for your comment ..I will try ask doctor if there's anything else I could try because it does get very over whelming and comes out of nowhere .... and don't worry I'm not gonna give up I'm just wanting to be back to normal x
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hi... you are so young to go thru such feeling... am 45 but i have just started feeling this way.  sometimes, some events in our lives could be a trigger factor to our hidden anxieties.  then even before we could realize it, it has already become so much part of us that we thought we are what we thought of ourselves to be.... if you think its the anxiety of death... try to be positive about your views on death and don't keep it to yourself... discuss it with friends - feel free to talk about it. while you realize these things... try to avoid some food that can also possibly make you feel that way... at first we thought food and events don't seem to be associated with our feelings but i think it does a lot.... avoid caffeinated drinks and cola beverages, high in salt food... these don't help us so well... so try to avoid.  I DON'T TAKE MEDS to help me feel better. I advice you DON'T... you will just get addicted to it but it never helps you overcome your anxiety... face your fear headon.... stay positive and strong... you can do it... you are so young and the world is so beautiful to stay so happy.... be happy lets be happy.
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Hey thankyou for the advise ..I've not taken my propanolol in about 5 days because it just doesn't seem to do anything I try my hardest to be happy and get on with things but I'm just constantly dizzy and spaced out .. but ill keep trying thanks x
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