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nursegirl i need your help please

Nursegirl please help me..no one is answering me properly....please i will be very greatful to you....after my hiv exposure on 13th june....i have got really fed up of muscle and joint pains all over my body from last 2 months....I know u guys will tell you its because of stress and anxiety....but i have done blood tests in which my esr and crp values are very high it means i got inflammation in my joints and muscles due to infection...Pain is constant in all joints and muscles of my body :(..persistent pain 24 hours....m.really fed up of this pain..i havent slept from last 2 months....i have tested for hiv after 6 weeks by 4th gen elisa..then i had done my hiv 1 proviral dna pcr test after 47 days..it came back negative at less than 100 copies per ml..i again did elisa test after 63 days it came back negative..i wanna ask that do muscle and joint pain with hiv initial infection lasts this long?Is there any connection between hiv infection and arthralgia...and any other stds cause this much of chronic muscle and joint pain?in my 27 years i have never experienced this kindof pain.... :(..m a sports person and now i cant even do my daily activities properly....i m sead sure this arthralgia pai. Started after my sexual exposure with that street prostitute..
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Kindly have a look at this nursegirl ....https://www.rheumatology.org/Practice/Clinical/Patients/Diseases_And_Conditions/HIV_and_Rheumatic_Disease/
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Nursegirl please reply to me
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Dude, you need to chill out.  I'm not on the forum 24/7.  No need to post multiple messages AND send a message.  Relax.

HIV related anxiety is VERY common.  You can see that by browsing through the HIV forum, this forum, and our OCD forum.  

Test results ALWAYS ALWAYS outweigh symptoms, which btw, yours are not at all consistent with acute HIV infection anyway.  You're conclusively negative.  

You'd be surprised at how many very real physical symptoms can be a result of anxiety, which you clearly have.  The best thing you could do is start addressing the anxiety with a mental health professional, and soon.  IF indeed the things you've been experiencing are anxiety related (even some of them), once you get the anxiety under control, the symptoms will resolve.  

"..but i have done blood tests in which my esr and crp values are very high it means i got inflammation in my joints and muscles due to infection.."

Actually, those labs can often be kind of non-specific.  Having elevated ESR and CRP levels isn't uncommon at all, and there can be many causes.  ANY kind of inflammation (even if mild) can cause those values to be elevated.  Those labs are not concerning at all, and certainly are not indicative of HIV.

Get yourself some help.
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All the tests that you had indicates that you ar hiv negative. I think that a pcr test after 47 days is colnclusive.Combine it with a 60 days antibody test you are free of hiv.If you had unprotected sex you should also check for other std's like hepatitis and syphilis.I have been there my self..experiencing anxiety for a very long time.I know how you feel.Don't relate everything to hiv.When you search for symptoms you will allways find them.Mind is the most powerfull dsp...and it can make you believe everything.Acute hiv infection does not last for 2 months.
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Thanks nursegirl for the advice..but my symptoms are real very painful..i have even talked my dad about it..and m sure the symptoms i am having are not anxiety or stress related....i have not slept because of this pain from last 2 months :(..i have taken so many pain killers loadz of antibiotics anti inflammatorz but none worked so far :(..have u looked at the above link i pasted about rheumatology and hiv infection?this pain is 24 hrz constant..m sure anxiety or stress will not cause persistent pain....and i was hospitalized for 2 months last year as i have gotten severe pancreatitis my bile duct got blocked got pus and all....that time i was Given very high dosed steroids and antibiotics for 2 months..and after that i am continuing my medicines till now.i again did my surgery this month for my gall bladder removal after exposure..my previous surgery and hospitalisation and current surgery can delay my test results?as my immune system must be highly compromised right?do i have to test at 6 months for that?and that csw had many african and arab clients..m worried if that girl would b having hiv2 or any rare strain which isnt detectable in my tests?m sorry for long msg but i truely believe that u ll give me percect advice and i rrspect u..
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Thank u for the advice brodA....tell me 1 thing can stress and anxiety make esr and crp levels high?i just jad throat infection and low grade fever aftrr exposure..and this joint and muscle inflammation..apart from that i havent experienced lymph node swelling or rash and other things..i dont want to think about hiv but this pain makes me to think about it:(..Have u seen the link which i have posted above?it clearly mentions that almost all new hiv infections will get some kind of rheumatic disease..
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