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obsessive thoughts without compulsions

Has anyone experienced this? I've had it for two years now a little over and it only happens when I get really stressed out which leads to anxiety which leads to depression then more racing obsessive thoughts. I mean I can have the same thought for sometimes hours sometimes days, its the worst feeling in the world because they are not pleasant thoughts and they make me feel guilty,crazy,sad,and suicidal. PLEASE help and opinions. I'm going to see my therapist thursday to see if I can get on anafranil. I'm hoping that it will help. THIS is my biggest problem and has always been since my anxiety and depression and mood swings started, it is for that very reason that I have obsessive disturbing thoughts. What shouuld I do?
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I experience this type of thinking usually after I give birth, its part of postpartum depression aka postpartum anxiety, OCD, or panic, OCD can have classic symptoms such as compulsive thoughts followed by complusive behavior, but it can also just be the thinking...it manifests itself in many ways. I understand its a nightmare, I had thoughts that was about to lose control of myself and hurt my baby or myself and I would then freak out and have a panic attack, they're intrusive thoughts that aren't necessarily what you want but its just a chemical imbalance. Why are you going to ask for anafranil? Thats a very old drug , I m sure they have better meds now for OCD/depression/anxiety.  had a little bp as well so my cocktail was lithium, klonopin, depakote, atarax , since I couldn't take an anitdepressant.. There are lots of anxiety forums where you can chat, that use to help me as well. Good luck! Itll get better
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I agree, that you are NOT alone. I have those thoughts too that make you feel so bad and horrible but I do not have the complussion side. Maybe a little in the things I do but not like the thoughts. I take Zoloft which helps with mine alot. I also have xanax for the anxiety.

It is very scary but it will pass, stay close with your therapist, tell them your concern and also ask about meds to get you over this hump. You will get over it.
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Thankyou guys so much!
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It seems to feed off of fear because the more I fear the thought the more it keeps coming. How long did it take u to get over it? I take lamictal prozac and klonopin but none seem to help with the obsessive thoughts :/ I just hate them so much!!!
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I guess I was going to ask her about that one because I've just read really good reviews about it . But maybe when I go in today shell suggest something different. I feel like its mostly a form of ocd but could be my bipolar or anxiety or everything
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Obsessive thinking is always a part of anxiety -- what is anxiety but obsessive thinking?  We all have it.  Same with depression.  OCD is different, it involves obsessive actions that, if not performed, leave a person very anxious.  If you can cure the obsessive thinking, you can cure anxiety and depression, but easier said than done.
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