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odd experience

hi, i had an odd experience today and not sure what to think. I worked out in the sun weeding for several hours, our first truly sunny day of the season. Then went to the church to watch a play, started getting extremely edgy and uncomfortable, this was about the crucifixion which is uncomfortable anyway, and it was dark with the lights turned off between scenes and only the stage lit during. Anyway I asked my husband what the strobe deal was, like light was strobing from behind us somewhere, he said what strobe light, nothing was flickering, ok this freaked my out. Had to get up, I seem to have to stand when i get anxious, got into my cycle of oh jeez i am going to die, pass out, scare people, etc. Made myself stay thru it but was off the rest of the day. I have been doing so much more all the time and am always worried of getting agorophobic again that i guess i am hoping for a reasonable explanation. My husband said maybe it was my eyes adjusting after being in the bright light. Thought I was stroking!!
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That strobe effect is also a hallmark of silent migraines.  Maybe being in the sun set you up for one.
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U could of been effected by being in the sun for such a long period of time, the strobing effect may of been a mild heat stroke, this can cause the uneasiness u felt too. It can also be caused by dehydration.

Next time ur at ur doctors it may be worth while just mentioning what happened just to get a proper medical opinion and of course if it continues or happens again plez see your doc.  
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The adjustment to being in the bright sun all day and then being in the dark could have caused the The strobe light effect.  It's your pupils dilating from pinpoint to large enough to see in the dark.  The uneasiness may be from not knowing what was causing it or any of the reasons that Annie and Julie gave.  
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Strobe lights can be related to migraine and bright sunlight can set them off. Not all migraines cause pain.
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I feel so much better having asked, my anxiety issues always take me straight to stroke, etc and I can't google symptoms or I am in bigger trouble. Thank you so so much
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