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on zoloft for 10 years

I am new to this forum and i would like to ask a question about switching from zoloft to lexapro.
I have been on Zoloft for about 10 years and xanax for anxiety/panic disorder.  I take 125 mg a day.  I also take xanax .50 mg every four hours.  I also have nerve impingment in my cervical spine and spondolothesis in my lower spine.  I need surgery but I am really scared.  My question to you is,  I am going through a lot in my life, I am 54 years old.  lost my husband 5 years ago to cancer he suffered for 3 1/2 years and i took care of him.  I have a child with Down Syndrome and a Son who is 21 and suffers from anxiety/depression also.  My brother passed away at 44 years old a year after my husband died and now my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 peritoneal cancer WoW!!!.
I have a lot on my plate and I am feeling very anxious and I feel as though the zoloft isn't working like it use to.  I also feel I need more xanx then I already take.  I have pill phobia and am scared of taking new meds (lexapro).  I know people on it who are doing very well and I know people who have been on zoloft and switched to lexapro but had to go back to zoloft.  I am also going through menopause.  My started going to a new dr. and he said he would like me to go on lexapro and told me how to start to wean off of zoloft.  The fears are have are,  I'm scared lexapro causes high blood pressure,  weight gain, and I'm scared its not going to work as well as the zoloft.  Can you please help me with my problem  I have been on the computer looking at all the forums about lexapro and the side effects really do scare me.  Please Help.  Thank you
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I am sorry that you are going through all of this right now.  Just realize you are stronger than you think being able to handle all of this.  As far as switching meds because of bp worries; they are both the same class of drugs, so while different meds affect people in different ways, there are many of the same side effects.  I also tend to believe that they actually help with blood pressure in the long run because they do help with anxiety and depression which taxes our bodies both physically and mentally.

Our bodies can also build up a tolerance to benzos like Xanax.  Have you talked to your doctor about a longer lasting one that is prescribed for long term use? (i.e. Klonopin?)  Remember, many times we will read many horror stories about these medications...the same is true with Zoloft, BUT for every horror story out there, there are thousands of good stories where will people do so much better because of them.

Just remember that as you wean off of one SSRI and onto another you will feel some side effects, but if your prepared and you do it under the supervision of a doctor, you will be fine.  

Welcome to this forum and please keep your questions and concerns coming! Keep us posted!
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Thank you for you information.  Maybe now since everything is going hey wire, may now is not the right time to start switching SSRI's.  I can't afford anymore discomfort.  I think the best thing is to wait until some of the dust settles and then make my switch if that's what I decide.  I can't handle side effects right now even little one's.  Do you think Lexapro is a better drug then Zoloft?  Zoloft has always worked for me.  As far as the Benzo's I tried Klonopin a but it made me feel very tired and I have to many people and responsibilities ,  I don't have that luxury of taking a nap , I have to keep on going.
Do you also think you build a tolerence to SSRI's?  Maybe I just need to increase My zoloft a little and that might help.
thank you for you insight
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