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panic attack??? anxiety attack????

my 14 y.o. niece is suffering from panic attack or anxiety attack. she has a history of malingering when she was 5 y.o. as a result of her parents separation.

my question is, is this forever? shes taking exulten a muscle relaxant. shes banned to take caffeinated food or drinks. sometimes she ate white chocolate.

she said lately that before her attack she'll feel sudden thinning of her breathing.. thin air and short air and chest pain. im a bit confuse why her doctors..the pedia and psychiatrist is not  asking for ECG OR 2D ECHO test. i once read in her mobile phone that shes thinking she has a heart problem.

was this also a form of malingering?

what to do to avoid this?

please help... this niece of mine is like a daughter to me since i was the one who took care of her since her mom left when she was 1 y. o and 3 months. now shes almost 15..still w/ me calling me mama...

im begging anyone here who has the same problem or specialist who can give advice... thank you so much in advance.

sharon b.
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You say shes on a muscle relaxant. I hope she takes magnesium also since this is exactly what it does. I had anxiety bc of high copper count. I think that is partially what caused my caffeine sensitivity also. Im fixing my copper levels by taking Zink. White spots or bau syndrome on fingernails is a symptom of zink deficiancy. This went away after a couple of months with zink. But anything could trigger an attack even in healthy people. I can stop mine now by telling myself it is all in my head, haha, and then focus on something else to calm down. Logic helps. Im happy Tony Stark had anxiety attacs since it takes some of the stigma away and makes him a belivable character.
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Forgot to add that women is more likely to have a zink deficiancy bc of estrogen. Living with stress a long time will give high copper count. Look up copper toxity. Copper plays with cortisol- the stress hormone, and adrenaline. The longer you live with stress the harder it is to balance copper and zink.Take zink togheter with food high in protein and fat for better absorption. I dont know if everyone gets white spots on their nails when they are deficiant of zink. Copper pipes for tap water affects it and a vegan or low protein/meat diet. But its hard to use food alone to fix it. Food cointaining zink also contains copper. Zink is used for hormonal balance and contraceptives uses it up. A blood test will not show up zink deficiancy since the organs that needs it absorbs it. The brain, liver and heart has the higest consentrations.
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Sorry. Ment to say that a low meat diet is bad for this deficiancy. Vegans usually gets a zink deficiancy.
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hi Sir, thank you for the reply. i don't think i can find magnesium supplement here in Philippines. i can see Vitamins with ZINC on it but don't know how mg it contains. i will ask doctors about it...:-) super duper big time thanks :-)
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oooops MAAM i mean :-)
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Be careful with zinc (not zink, no such thing) supplements without knowing anything about it.  Too much zinc is toxic.  It does help to leach out excess copper, but once that is done you don't keep taking the zinc in high quantities, so again, be careful.  It is also very easy to get zinc on any kind of diet, so don't know where that comes from.  I also don't understand what you mean by malingering -- it means avoiding work, being lazy -- is that what you mean?  The reason I assume she's been told to avoid caffeine is because she gets panic attacks -- some people are sensitive to stimulants when they have anxiety.  The symptoms you describe are also indicative of anxiety, so they may have already ruled out heart problems.  Many people who get panic attacks think they have a heart problem -- if you look on the archives of this site you'll see that's one of the most common fears of people who suffer from anxiety since the symptoms sound similar.  
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By the way, has she ever been in therapy with a psychologist?
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