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panic attacks whilst driving

Im a bit embarrassed about this question people but i was wandering if anyone else freaks out whilst they are driving? i feel like im the only one. I get this overwhelming feeling come over me and i just freeze, i cant concentrate and i cant see or hear anything and its just like the world stops for about 10 seconds {i know this is a strange and weird description but its the only way i can discribe it}, its making driving very difficult as you can probably imagine. Im an anxious person anyhow but just lately I cant seem to control these 'panic attacks' whilst im driving. I'm avoiding going places and seeing people and things have even got that bad that I've been off work. I just feel like i will never beat this anxiety. I've been seeing a pyschotherapist for about 4 years on and off and she has helped me a great deal but I still feel so anxious all the time. I was wandering if anyone else struggles with day to day things like me? sometimes i feel like i'm the only one. :(
oh by the way i get these 'panic attacks' other times too, not just when im driving.
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I use to, when I was 16 I rolled my sisters car and I had bad panic attacks afterwards, whether I was driving or a passenger. I remember watching a show on tv where there were people that had panic attacks while driving.
I am glad you are seeing someone but it doesnt sound like its helping you a whole lot. Are you on medication? If it is affecting your quality of life and everyday living to such an extent you probably need to request more help.
Good Luck
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I agree that you need an anxiety medication along with therapy.  You may want to think about trying a new therapist because it doesn't sound like you've accomplished much with this one.  Most people who have anxiety have "triggers" for a panic attack, and driving is a common one.  You're definitely not alone with this, just read some of the posts here and you will see that many are suffering with you.  Medication seems to be the best thing for controlling panic attacks.  You need to realize that anxiety is no different than any other medical condition that may require medication to control the symptoms.  Don't get caught up in because it's "mental" that you should be able to handle it on your own, we rarely can, and that's okay.  You will find a lot of support here, and always have someone to talk to.  I hope this help and take care.
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Firstly thankyou for you replies. :) I have been taking venlafaxine 150 mg for about 7 years now and i went to see my gp the other day and had a bit of a break down in there. she seems to think maybe venlafaxine aren't the right pills to be on so im now reducing them and im starting on some new ones called Lustral. Ive read the leaflet on these and they seem to be targeted at people with OCD and panic disorders and social anxiety disorders as well as depression. so im hoping that when these new pills start to kick in i will feel a tad more hopeful.
i agree with you mammo that im not really accomplishing much with this therapist, my doctor also said this the other day. My next step is to go to a self help group where i can meet other anxiety sufferers. I think my trouble is that i always feel like im the only one in the world who is going through these sort of problems and thats why i joined this forum website today so i could maybe speak to others who have similar difficulties.
i really appreciate your replies so thanks
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Driving is a huge issue for me, i have pulled over, called to get picked up, stopped my car, etc to where i can barely drive now, a huge change over time for being a sales rep driving all over phx, az and long road trips alone. I think with me it is that i no longer trust myself and my judgement and that if something big happened, accident, flat tire, etc i wouldn't be able to handle it  I would love to know how that med works out for you, please let us know!
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just out of interest do you get anxious any other time or is it just whilst driving? are you still a sales rep? sorry for all the questions im just wandering because im finding getting to work a nightmare at the minute and im actually off work this week as i just cant face driving there and being at work.
i will definately let you know how my new meds go, i start taking them tomorrow but i know they wont take effect straight away. but fingers crossed that they will help me a bit
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hanny i have some anxiety most of the time now. I am doing cognitive therapy and mindfulness so the attacks are much less but the overall anxiety is still alive and well but i am hopeful,  No i'm not a rep anymore, i actually have an ebay business i can do from home as well as I get ss for this anxiety/agoraphobia crap. I don't want my story to influence how you handle your situation cuz i am not at all happy that i let anxiety have complete power over my life. I am learning i can choose where to focus my attention and have recently started driving again, not far yet but to do it at all is a big step for me. I am getting longer moments not being caught up in thought but noticing and not becoming my thoughts and am finding momentum.. I have done some journaling on here you can read if you want.  A med that helps with ocd, depression, and anxiety would be so awesome!!! I take Zoloft 50mg now and xanax as needed but i don't want to deal with addiction so only take maybe 1 a month.
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