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panic? depression?

Hey, sorry, I already posted this under the medical community field but I wanted to ask a doctor about this, I guess I'll copy/paste it below:

Sooo. I'm a teen who went on vacation and had "panic attacks," at least, to my knowledge. They were just tremendous feelings of fear that I've never felt before, and came out of nowhere. I really thought my life was over and that I was going crazy. I froze up the first time, my heart was beating fast, and felt horribly low. THIS was all three months ago, during the month of August, and occurred recurrently, 10 times max, within four weeks. when I left from vacation, the panic went away, though I felt other symptoms, like racing heartbeat, and obsessively thinking (not about anything in particular). so, for the past two and a half months, I've been feeling a lot better; every day I felt like I was improving a tiny bit, and now, I actually feel happy again. The thing is, or really the catch, is that I think I might have been depressed the past year; the problem with this is that it didn't really 'affect my life' to the point where I needed help. I don't even KNOW if I was depressed; it could have been hormonal for all I know. anyways  I could have BEEN depressed because I changed schools and really didn't like it. but now, I love my new school and things just can't be better. but I know depression isn't just 'like that'; it's this poignantly low feeling that affects your day to day living, and what I experienced was poignant, but probably not interfering. so, I was feeling a bit low when i was going on vacation, even though I should have been TREMENDOUSLY excited that I was going, but when I got there, I knew things were going to get worse. then i got INTENSE feelings of fear, and felt like death would be better than anything else; it was really really that bad.
basically, I haven't seen a doctor or counselor about this. I feel like my counselor would tell me similar stuff I found out online, and I can't see a doc because my mom thinks this was just hormonal. It really affected me though, it was literally trauma- worse than that because the source of fear was unknown, which made me think I was nuts. but, i am feeling a lot better, and that could have been due to hormones + jet lag + depressed? + teen. I mean, I found out that occasional attacks are okay, til they affect you daily, esp. for teens.
SO I HAVE a lot of questions! how am I going to talk to a doctor or someone of that field experienced with this stuff when I can't go to the doc? and, besides panic attacks, what is fear? like what causes fear (if it's not panic attacks)? and what causes panic attacks- medical conditions I mean? I thought it might be thyroid condition but I'm not sure. or rapid heart beat, I forgot the name. and lastly, do you think this is serious? OKAY, I've never had mental/emotional problems or even physical problems so I'm pretty healthy. I have great parents and do very well in school and have supportive friends and all that. I guess it was the stress from last year? Idk.. help!
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I have panic attacks,anxiety attacks, depression. i have taken Klonipin before. it is quite effective for treating panic disorder! If you have any questions? email me at ***@**** or call me at (503)512-8298 Clay Woodward. Good luck Jessica, U can do it!
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The dose on the Klonipin is 0.5 mg. three times a day. Like I said It's quite effective! Really! again, take care, and i hope the LORD will shine on U. Clay Woodward.
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