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i'm only 12 years old. i'm a female.
i feel like i have to pee alot. but when i go, i barley go.
my mom tells me its all in my head, but its not.
i think i have a bladder infection, so, how long does it take to go away ?
i went to the doctors this morning, and he gave me a cup to take home,
so i'm bringing it back tomorrow, and its getting shipped out.
near the end of the school year, i just randomly felt like i had to pee every 5 minutes.
doing my chorus concert, i thought i was gonna pee my pants. but i didn't !
im scared to go back to school, because its embarressing having to go 2 times a class.
and all my friends ask me "didn't you just go ???" and i'm like "yeah..."
school starts in a week. but i wont be there the first day.
so i was wondering how long it takes to get rid of it.
i've been drinking alot of water lately, and it makes me feel like i have to go less.
i've had it for like 4 months probually, but i recently started getting worried that something
might be wrong with me. but apparently, ALOT of people get this.
i think i got it from wipeing back and fourth,..
i hope i just have an infection that can be cured in two days.
thats allll i'm hoping for !

please tell me you can get rid of it in 2 days?!
hah, ANSWER !!!!!!
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I get bladder infections quite often. How I know I have one: feeling like I have to pee all the time, very painful urination, and mine get so bad that I actually have blood in my urine (like little flakes). Take AZO, cranberry pills, drink plenty of water and cranberry juice, or see your doctor. It can be cured easily. But STOP wiping back to front. Every doctor will tell you to wipe front to back.
I hope this helps.
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Could also be a urinary tract infection.

If you're worried about peeing at school, is there any chance of wearing a pad?  I don't mean forever and I don't mean if it humiliates you, but it might ease your anxiety about possibly accidentally peeing yourself.  At least then, you could just go to the bathroom between classes.
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Hi sweetie,
sounds like you have a bladder infection for sure!
once you give your cup back to your doctor, it will be tested for bacteria. If its growing bacteria, the doctor will likely put you on some antibiotics for about a week or so.

I know how it feels I think I have one right now and its driving me nuts! I gotta pee in my cup tomorrow :) hehe

keep drinking lots of water regardless of how much you want to go. I know it feels like you'll pee yourself, but your bladder is irritated and its acting funny, its just very annoying I know! The sooner you get the cup to your doctor the sooner you can get treatment. You'll have to tell one of your parents to get the prescription.

and please yes, only wipe from front to back. once you pass your bum, dont use the same piece, grab another piece of toilet paper or do the front first and then get the bum last. Our bum has so much bacteria that can easily spread.

I find taking a really warm bath, and I put about a cup of baking soda in the water, it helps clean your skin and helps me not feel like going to the bathroom all the time!!

good luck sweetie!
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