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picking at my eyes until so much pain to even touch my face

So it all started about 2 years ago I had gotten either pencil shavings or eraser dust in my eyes and I kept trying to get it out no matter how much I flushed them it still felt there was something still in them and I got them to the point they were so red and crusty. And they started to form a stringy mucas stuff and i kept pulling and pulling it out because it felt like something was still in there. Well I endddd up going to the er and there was nothing in my eye. And ever since then my eyes get weird like it gets blurry or feels like there a lot of mucas or eye crusties in the corners and then the frenzy begins I will sit with a mirror for hours picking and holding my lids open to then point they get so puffy and you can see my hand mark on my cheek. I have even been told I was sitting up in bed doing it in my sleep. I have tried everything to stop. I don't get any they feel that way to were I start messing with them and creating the mucus to were it does feel like something in there n I can't stop. Even thought I know what the end result is. And how much im in pain and discomfort and sometimes humiliation of having to go to work like that. Please help me. I have tried everything should I see a eye doctor or a therapist? I have seen things like this called mucus fishing but not sure if its the same thing.
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IMO it seems like you have developed an obsessive behavior due to something that may have occurred to your eyes. You might want to consider going to an eye doctor to see if there is something wrong. However, it seems that most of the irritation in your eyes comes from the constant picking and rubbing of them. If you find what is going on to be interfering with your life and daily activities you might want to consider talking to a therapist.
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