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please help klonopin/buspar

I have gad, ptsd, social phobia, bits of agorphobia you name it. Ive been on .5mg of klonopin for about a month and its a lifesaver for me when I take 2 (three days a week, the days I work) and have 4 OK or some bad days just on Lexapro without the klonopin the days im off, I told my doctor this and she said I could take klonopin daily, so instead of taking two 7 days a week, the days I do not work I take only One. She also wants me to try  Buspar along with the klonopin and see how I feel, does anyone know any info on buspar, and bad experiences, I heard that Buspar may cancel out the klonopin, I Hate taking meds, but it definately helps. I know klonopin is an addictive and im young and this is why she wants me to try buspar, im just worried, i dont want to be all drugged up. Im waiting to take the buspar until I can find enough info on it. I dont want to take it and be sorry I did so. SO please any advice you have for me will be appreciated. thank you
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Thank you Ryan, im glad I did not take it.
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