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please help

I have been experiencing severe anxiety for about two months now (nothing compared to most people, I know) as a result of a traumatic experience. I could really use some tips on how to relax and clear my mind and deal with this. I'm in therapy but there are so many other issues we are working on as well. I'm bipolar and schizoaffective. What meds are good for anxiety? I am due to see a psychiatrist on may 5 and am worried about what he will switch me to. I am currently on risperidone and nortriptyline, xanax as necessary. I was seeing a psychiatric nurse because of no insurance until recently and she had no idea how to prescribe. I'm always scared, especially of death and losing my loved ones. I hate living like this. Please give me some advice.
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I have been on Ativan for 8 years now. It seems to help but I still get panic attacks at times. I too am afraid of death and losing a loved one. I just lost my brother to cancer on April 5th. I couldn't walk into the funereal home. I waited outside until I could get up the nerve to go in. I now found comfort in spirtual guidence. I never went to church on a regular basis. But since my brother's death. I have been attending church. It seems to help.
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I know that sometimes benzos can cause problems for Bipolar people.  If you have no problem with the Xanax, perhaps a longer acting benzo like Klonopin or Valium might be a better choice.  Taken regularly you may control the anxiety you are feeling.  I know that your bipolar disorder and anxiety are often hard to treat in tandem.
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Thank you both for your comments. They are much appreciated. Lozano: I am sorry for your loss. I am glad you are able to find comfort in church. Lynn: I have heard good things about Klonopin. I will speak to my doctor.
Thanks again!
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