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please need answer

Does anyone have sinus problems .I wake up with stuffy nose everyday not runny but stuffy when i feel the sinus coming i get weird vision my body feels tight uncomfortable,and fuzzy in the head.i know this sounds like anxiety which i have severe for past week right now but i was just curious does bad sinus also give u this crazy body symptoms? And 1 more question what is the best meds for Anxiety mainly not depression.I wanna try Prestiq but am scared of side affects and withdrawls later and is it true that it can work within 2-3 days thats what my OB dr. said.please let me know thx.
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The psychiatrists I've seen don't see snris as first line treatment if anxiety is your main problem as they can be very stimulating by targeting norepinephrine.  Normally, they first try tricyclics or ssris.  Of course, everyone's different.  As for how quickly they work, never took an snri, but hard to believe any of them work that quickly -- usually takes some time just to work up to a therapeutic dose if the psychiatrist is being careful.  Your doc probably only knows Prestiq because it's still under patent and therefore is being heavily pushed by pharmaceutical company rep.  I'd see a good caring psychiatrist if you decide to try medication, though if what you describe is as bad as it gets I'd probably say it's too soon for medication, you haven't said if you'd tried therapy yet.  As for sinus, a clogged sinus or a sinus infection can make the whole head feel stuffy, even make your teeth hurt.  
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