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please please help me

I cant cope.
im 25 years old mother of 2 children .. and suffer from health anxiety.
everytime I look at my arms I think they are looking thinner everyday
I have recently been dignosed with IBS.
but its been going on a long time now.
I sweat a lot and drink a lot of water.
im so scared I have cancer.
the pounds are dropping off me when im not even trying. I eat exactly how I always would.
according to my scales 3-4 months ago I was 142lbs
but because I got scared that I was seriously ill I weighed myself 3 weeks ago
I went down to 135.8lb
back up to 137.2lbs a week later
the week after 133lbs and that same week my doc weighed me on his scales and said I was 130lbs
I am so scared. loosing control.
my body is in a high state of anxiety constantly
I am not dealing with it so well.
I have had two sessions with a therapist but she hasn't helped as of yet . shes just finding out stuff about me.
I have tried to ignore these thoughts. and distract my mind. but its so powerful that I cant seem to stop thinking about it.
has anyone else had an experience like this? or any reassuring words?

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It doesn't sound crazy to worry about feeling normal.  It happens to me too.  I'm glad when I feel better but I always feel bad again so I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Therapy doesn't seem to have helped too much and now antidepressants don't seem to help much either.  I'm reading a book on Mindfullness and acceptance of anxiety.  Maybe it will be of some help.  Never tried hypnosis.  Let us know how it goes if you try it.
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Thank you both for your replys. So happy I'm not alone.
Feeling frightend is awful on a daily basis.  I too have days where I feel great. And I know this sounds crazy but I worry about feeling great since that is not normal for me. So that scares me even more
Yeah I take beat o blockers and anxiety meds. I see a CBT therapist on a two weekly basis. And have only had two sessions up to now.
And I'm in regular contact with my doctor.
I've been thinking about trying hypnosis . Has anyone tried that? Xx

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Sorry you have to go through this.  I've been going through an anxiety relapse myself (7months now).  I too have lost a good bit of weight...20 lbs.  even when I eat decent I still lose weight.  As soon as I think I'm getting better, BAM...I feel like crap again.  I'm learning to just enjoy the good days when I have them and trying to accept the bad days.  You mentioned therapy, do you see a psychiatrist too?  Are you on meds?  I hope you get better soon!
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Hi there, it is horrible what your going through, I recently had a cancer scare and I too went into melt down I had blood tests and scans they have come back all clear, so I thought I would return to how I normally feel. I have too lost my appetite lost a lot of weight finding it very hard to eat or drink anything even now when my results are all clear.
I now have phlebitis in my leg and everything has got on top of me.
Have you been to the doctors for help?
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