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potassium vs. anxiety attacks

my sister is having what seems like an emotional breakdown,and has gone to the er twice in this week,her potassium level was 2.7 last night,can her potassium level have anything to do with anxiety attacks?please help
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2.7 would put her in shock..i was 2.8 one time..was in icu..
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less than 2.5 can be life threatening.  I would recommend she see her regular doctor and have an ekg done (if they did not do one at the er).  She could be suffering from low potassium and maybe need potassium supplements.  what is her stress?
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Low potassium can do many things to us, it impacts our entire body.  I hope they started treatment at the ER for this, if not she needs to see her GP ASAP.  
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Absolutely.  Potassium can cause such symptoms.  All the electrolytes/minerals are closely connected.  Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium and Sodium.  Deficiencies of Potassium are often seen with Magnesium deficiency.  

The B Vitamin Complex and Magnesium are needed by the body to handle stress.  With doctor guidance, increasing these will help her body function better.

I'd like to point you to this post:
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