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pregnant and anxiety/panic

Can anyone out there offer some wisdom on how to cope with anxiety/panic and depresion while pregnant and off meds?
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there are many ways that include deep breathing excercises (breathe in for a count of 4 and out for the same). Tapping techniques where you tap on some specific trigger points on your wrist and forehead, NO CAFFEINE and cut waaaay back on sugar to little or none.  You also need to RELAX! Find ways to calm your mind and body however you can, make time for yourself in a quiet room and do your breathing techniques or meditate. Excercise also helps a lot because it releases positive endorphins into your body. Laughing (even fake laughing) and singing also release those same endorphins so try that. Try these things to start with and if needed, look up these techniques more in depth to be more specific. Also, try a Massage:) Think of ways to relax your mind and body.
I also had years of anxiety and panic attacks and have been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and did these things for a long time (it took two years for me to feel "normal: again) but it helped and I took very few meds so try it and see. Hope it helps and good luck
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Please post at the alternative therapies or at the mental health chat -within this forum-
as per forum rules. That way I can suggest to you various holistic ideas for your issues.
Or you may message me directly.
Please list any other pertinent info e.g. digestive health, dietary habits, previous significant events and traumas (physical or emotional).
Take care and blessings,
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