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problems swallowing

I have been having a problem with swallowing foods for the past 9 months. It came on without me knowing why, and i started to feel that when i swallowed, the food didn't go down all the way and I found myself drinking a lot more to wash the food down.
Eventually, eating has become a daunting exercise and I mainly only eat soup and drink nutrition drinks, (even that sometimes i find hard to do)
I find that when I first wake up, I can get more down, but I have stopped eating a lot of things because of my problem.
I clear my throat a lot after "eating" because it feels blocked when it isnt.
Its beginning to be depressing, that I have no energy to do anything and feel trapped because Im so tired from not eating all the time. I found that i have rings under my eyes, and i have trouble focusing, as well as dry, cracked lips. I have started to take iron tablets to help, but it is seeming like there is no cure.
Ive been to doctors and had tests done and there doesnt seem to be a physical problem.
Is there any way to help this issue? I know there are no easy cures, but besides going to a psychologist, I dont know what to do.
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Have you been diagnosed with anxiety? Difficulty swallowing is not uncommon at all with anxiety. I have that problem myself sometimes when my anxiety is really bad. I also went through what your going through and lost alot of weight and felt very tired. Try taking small bites and chew and chew. Take care. Remar
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Yes, I have been diagnosed with anxiety, but for a while, that went away. I had the normal anxiety symptoms, and when it went away I had a slice of normalcy, but then it came back with the swallowing problem. It is not fun. Have you improved?
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Did you see an ear, nose and throat doctor who did a barium swallow test to see if you had some form of dysphagia from whatever cause. I have that problem and its from a totally different disability than what you probably have and of course in anxiety someone can "choke up" but this sounds physical. Some medications can cause reflux syndrome too. I would seek a referral to an ENT doctor who is a specialist and find out more. You can post more about this in the specific forum for it as it sounds more like a physical health issue.
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I have had a barium swallow test, and a test to check my Thyroid and I was told that there is nothing there. An ENT specialist is what I plan to do next, but beside that, Im told that phychiatric help is the only way. The thing is, that it isnt always hard to swallow, some days are easier than others. If I think about it too much it seems worse... I honestly dont think its a physical thing. More like a physical manifestation of a mental thing. Thankyou for your reply.
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