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proper way to stop taking zoloft?

hi, ive been on 50mg of zoloft for about 8 months now. My doctor gave me another 25mg separate from the 50mg in case i wanted to see what it would be like if i increased the dosage. I want to stop taking zoloft because of how emotionally numb it makes me. So should i start taking only 25mg for a week and stop after that? what's the best way to stop taking 50mg of zoloft? i took only 25mg today to see what happens.
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First, the best way to do these meds is through a psychiatrist -- you sound like you're doing it through a regular doc, and that can be a problem (so can psychiatrists, but you have a better chance they will understand the meds better).  Second, if you want to quit, you need to taper off slowly, at a schedule that suits you.  It's unlikely a general doc will know how to do this or believe it's necessary, but you might have one that's better the average one.  It takes as long as it takes -- it can be easy, it can be hard, it depends on the person.  You're idea is not the safest, it's not enough time for your brain to remember how to function normally again.  The slowest taper is about six weeks, but some people will require more time.  It's a very individual thing.  On the other hand, how are you doing?  There must be a reason the doctor thinks you need more.  And have you tried therapy at all?
I like Paxiled's explanation...I had a question in to my primary doctor about zoloft and her assistant was trying to relay to me what you said above. Thank you!  It explains what she was trying to tell me!
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hey thank you very much for replying, i'm feeling way better now that i cut down to 25mg, getting alot of brain zaps but i can handle it. I don't feel numb and i feel like myself again and not like a zombie. I am currently doing therapy every week and my therapist is giving me a bunch of different't techniques on how to handle anxiety and so far its been more effective than the medication, yes the zoloft made me feel a bit more relaxed but the emotional numbness started to make me suicidal. I would rather deal with withdrawals than every be emotionally numb for another day. I'm going to continue to take the 25mg of zoloft for another week and than start cutting the pill in half and take 12.5mg for a few weeks and than 6.5mg for a week and quit :)
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