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prozac withdrawal

Should I be having withdrawals symptoms from 10mg of prozac for 9 days?
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No.  Prozac stays in the body for nearly a month unlike the other SSRIs and SNRIs which leave the body within hours, so it has a natural taper, and if you combine that with a normal taper it does have the least amount of reported withdrawal problems in this category, but you also have to know that we're all different.  So it's theoretically possible your brain is so sensitive to artificially altering serotonin that something could happen, but you'd be in a very small group of people.  What symptoms are you having that you think are withdrawal symptoms?  And you know, even when you are on a drug for a very short period of time before it even has a chance to start working so it hasn't yet really affected your brain all that much, you should still taper off rather than quit abruptly just to be safe.  But it would again be very unusual for there to be withdrawal symptoms from such a slow dose for such a short period of time.
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Very sensitive to noise, dizzy, internal shaking or tingling, nauseous at times, vivid dreams, I'm awoken every morning by awful heart palpitations and high heart rate.  I'm never taken any medicine like this before.  While I was taking it I had to go back to bed for about 4 hours every morning. Tired but cant sleep. I was put on it after covid for heart palpitations.  
Excuse me, but were you actually diagnosed with heart palps or did you just think you were having them?  Were you suffering from anxiety or depression, the only things Prozac treats?  Because an antidepressant can be stimulating, and Prozac is one of the more stimulating ones.  Not as much as some others, but still it can be.  Unless you were suffering significant anxiety or depression an antidepressant is a powerful drug to take and very hard to stop taking, so it isn't something to just prescribe lightly.  If you were suffering anxiety, you should have been sent to therapy first and taught breathing exercises and meditation to relax your system unless you were suffering so badly from your mental problems you couldn't function, but if it was just heart palps and not anxiety and even if it was, Prozac is a strange drug to put you on as again it can be stimulating.  As for your symptoms, you are describing some pretty classic withdrawal symptoms.  Did you quit cold turkey?  You might be the rare person whose brain got quickly used to the drug.  By the way, those symptoms are also pretty common start-up symptoms when beginning an antidepressant.  If you stopped taking it recently, one thing you can try is go back on it at the last dose at which you felt fine and see if these symptoms go away.  If they do, you'll know it's withdrawal, and you can then taper off of it slowly and then find a better doctor.  If you ever do feel you need meds for a mental problem, see a psychiatrist and make sure it's a good one.  But if the problem isn't stopping your life, try therapy first, when that works no side effects and you're cured, not just medicated.  Peace.
i was diagnosed with heart palpitations after having covid.  Then I was put on carvedilol and buspirone while they did all the heart tests. Everything was normal.  I feel like the carvedilol was making me a little sad, so that's when my doctor told m to take prozac.  I had the worst side effects when starting it, my heart was pounding.  The morning after my last dose I woke up shivering and just felt like something was wrong.  Almost went to the ER.  The doctor that was on call told me to stop it.  So I actually stopped taking buspirone, carvedilol, and prozac all at the same time.  Now 3 weeks later I can't sleep because that's when the adrenal rushes happen.  I feel better in the evenings.  
Again, as with heart palps, which you did get diagnosed with, a lot of people think they're getting adrenaline rushes when they actually aren't, it just feels like they are.  You again do have pretty classic withdrawal symptoms, and now it looks pretty thorny as you stopped 3 drugs cold turkey.  This isn't how it's done.  If you take a med for heart rhythm problems and it gives you bad side effects, there are a lot of them out there so you should have just switched, not been put on an antidepressant for a side effect of a drug.  My opinion, and it's only my opinion and only based on what you say here, is that you really need better doctors.  I think you do have withdrawal, but to which drug or to all three?  What you don't want to do is wait a long time for it to go away, which for most people it does, because when it takes a long time it may be a problem.  Again, the only way to find out and it's only a possibility is to go back on all 3 drugs, and then taper off of them one at a time as slowly as you need to until you're free of problems.  You probably don't want to do that, so the ball is in your court.  Hope it works out.
So its been 4 weeks off of prozac.  The last two days my anxiety has been bad and my noise sensitivity is awful today.
Paxiled, it sounds like you have a lot of knowledge about anxiety.  My doctors aren't helping much, I guess they're not sure how to treat any lingering effects from covid.  I know I had a bad time on Prozac for 9 days, not going to try that one again.  But right now I go to bed at night and sleep about 5 hours and wake feeling good.  When I fall back asleep, Then the adrenaline surges wake me up and then anxiety washes over, have a heavy feeling in my chest.  And when I start to doze off again the surges happen again.  Having very vivid dreams.  The cardiologist has ruled out any heart issues.  I am going to an endocrinologist Dec. 9th.  I am on carvedilol, because I'm trying to stay off of anti-depressants.   Does all this sound like anxiety to you?  Thanks for any info
I've had anxiety a long time so I've seen a lot of different practitioners and have seen lots of different therapists and have been on several meds, but that doesn't make me an expert.  When it comes to anxiety there really are not experts because science hasn't really figured it out yet.  So I really can't tell you what's causing this.  I can only tell you what might be causing it.  Long haul covid if that's what you have causes so many different things in people that it could be that.  Because Prozac can cause this, it could be that.  Because anxiety can cause this it could be that.  Covid affects so many different systems in our bodies and you didn't mention that in your original post.  Each person seems to have their own disease, with some common stuff but when it comes to the lingering problems it's still a new disease and docs are still figuring it out but it has been reported to cause some mental issues.  Even those of us who didn't get it (yet) have had a very stressful time of it because it got so out of control and politics got involved and it all just seemed very strange along with the danger and that affected people.  The med you're taking is for heart problems.  Yes, it has been used for anxiety, but only has shown to be at all useful for a couple types, social anxiety and fear of public speaking.  Otherwise, and even for those, you are altering your heart function without having a problem that needed altering if that's the reason you're taking it, anxiety.  You speak of adrenaline surges, but you're speaking colloquially as there's no evidence you are actually having your adrenal gland become more active, it's just how you're thinking about it.  Most times that doesn't happen except in an anxiety attack.  Withdrawal from an antidepressant or benzo or opiate or alcohol or nicotine or caffeine or anything that alters the normal way the brain functi0ns can cause sleep problems.  Lots of meds can.  And so can the original problem.  I would ask, how soon after eating do you go to bed?  How much activity do you engage in during the day -- enough to make you tired?  If you're refreshed after 5 hours, have you tried just getting up then and going through your day and seeing if this makes you so tired you break the cycle when you go to bed the following day?  I used to only get that much quite often and the rest of my deep rest came from meditating twice a day, so our need for sleep and how much changes over our lives.  Again, all these are just possibilities that you can think about and hopefully come up with some changes that work.  Peace.
thank you for the info.  

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