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psychiatrist vs psychologist

well after a year of suffering from anxiety symptoms i decided to go to see a doctor. I told my family doctor and he booked an appointment for me with a psychiatrist. Now i wanted to know the difference between psychiatrist and a psychologist. Medication is not an option for me i just dont like to put chemicals into my body. i just need someone to talk and comfort me that i dont have anything serious physically wrong with me and im just suffering from anxiety as i tend to worry about having a serious disease all the time. I have also been symptoms free recently except having a constant Derealization and Depersonalization. I just want to learn how to cop with this dreamy feeling i have and how to get over it. Is a psychiatrist a good option to talk to about my worries about my physical health and being scared that i might have MS or some other disease and also would he be able to help with the Depersonalization feeling i have? i dont want to go on medication i just need to talk to someone and tell them how the anxiety started and what natural ways i can cure my anxiety. This doctor works in the hospital and my family doctor said hes one of the best. i dont know....
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Usually, psychiatrists  give you medications. Few psychiatrist do psychotherapy but it's rare.

Psychologist talks to you and helps you think differently. Looks like that's what you need. I have hypochondria as well and fear many diseases and am looking for a psychologist. I don't  know if psychologists can prescribe medications.

As for DP and DR, which I also have, I find medications that are helpful. I know, I don't like put chemicals into my body either but I have been on them for so long so IDK if I could function without them.

Good luck.

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i told my family doctor that i dont want to take medications and he told me that the psychiatric is not gonna prescribe medication necessarily. So i dont really know he already booked an appointment and keeps telling me hes a good doctor and i should see him. Well if he gives me any kind of medication im not gonna take it, its not like hes gonna force me to take meds. I guess if i ask him to he would write me a full physical examination and maybe when i get the results it would make me more calm and help me with my DP/DR.
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Price, if all you want is therapy.  Psychiatrists charge a lot more, even though psychologists have more education in psychology.  
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