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purchasing alazapome on internet and i can 2mg. yellows for fours. i'd love to have the byTues,Wed. Thanks

Once I purchuse this medication how can I be from they are pharmacy grade
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What lydia said.  Not only is this not a legal practice, but the overseas "Pharms" are famous for sending medications that aren't what you think they are...for example...they often substitute strong anti-psychotics or sleep aids for benzos...which can be dangerous and even land you in the hospital, or worse.

Also, these meds gets seized in customs all the time, and then, you could very well have some explaining to do.

Simple answer is...don't do it.  If you need this med, get it the right way, from a doctor.  Unless of course your goal is to abuse the med for recreational purposes, which is a whole other topic in itself.
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There ARE reputable on-line pharmacies, but there are WAY more that should be avoided at all cost. Knowing the difference requires a great deal of research and referrals from your doctor and/or pharmacist.

If your doctor has perscribed alprazolam for you, the generic form is quite inexpensive and getting your script filled at your local pharmacy will guarantee that you are getting medication that is FDA approved.

Many meds from other countries may not even contain the medication you need and/or they can be cut with some very nasty and often dangerous "fillers." You have absolutely no real way of knowing what you're taking without having a lab test those drugs. And that would cost you 100X what a legitimate script filled here would cost.

You do know that you need a prescription from your doctor to send to these pharmacies, right? They won't just send you anything you ask for.

Please be VERY careful. Ordering on-line is like playing Russian Roulette.
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