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question about klonopin tolerance/dependancy

My doctor is considering putting me on Klonopin for my social & general anxiety disorders. I have tried Paxil, which had no effect on me, and am currently taking 300 mg daily of Wellbutrin. Still waiting to see if this drug does anything.

So, naturally, I've been reading up on the effects of Klonopin and everyone seems to stress how quickly you build a tolerance to it. So, for any of you who take it, how quickly does it really build up? I mean, I know it will build up I am just wondering if my tolerance will build so much so that the doctor cannot legally prescribe me a dose that is effective after time. Also, is there a plateau of tolerance of any kind? Does tolerance tend to build linearly, exponentially, or what?? How long can I take this medication in prescribed doses before it becomes useless? Is it even possible to take this drug long term while having it still remain effective?

thanks - any imput on this would be very helpful
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Klonopin is the opposite; it's the least likely of the benzos to build up a tolerance to because of its long life in the body.  Doesn't mean you won't, but it's less likely than other benzos.  As for dependency, all benzos are addictive meds, so yes, you will develop a dependency if you take it regularly.  As for wellbutrin, keep an eye on how you respond.  This is a pure antidepressant and can be very stimulating, so it's not usually used for anxiety; it's more for people who's main problem is depression or as an augmentation to an ssri to help deal with some of the side effects, such as fatigue, weight gain, and loss of libido.
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