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quick sharp pain with overwhelming sensation?

hello all this is my first post... i am 24 and i guess u could say i am healthy but a little overweight.... i train MMA(mixed martial arts) and i have a serious question.

I was in 11th grade when this happened. i was laying in bed one night and all of a sudden my heart did this trippy skip of a beat. i jumped up out of bed and ran to my mother saying whats wrong with my heart!! ahhhhhh!! she said i was fine..... after a while i didnt notice them any more. then after maybe 2 and a half years i got really bad panic attacks and got scaared and went to the doctors. the doctor diagnosed me with mitral valve prolapse. i was a little releived after that. then i got over anxiety as a whole for a long time.. but in between that period of time i did construction and i noticed it alot then...THE QUICK SHARP PAIN that feels like a skipped beat and i get this overwhelming sensation on top of it. those have been happening since and its been years now.

Now they happen when my heart rate gets up high from running or jump roping or when i train for that matter....it used to be just out of no where when i would be sitting there... basically i am petrified that it means something is wrong and my body is warning me of a heart attack or something. im young! i dont want to die! so does any one have any idea what this could be?

i went to my doctors yesterday and i explained this to him finally(since i barely just got health insurance for the first time in almost 4 or 5 years)and he says he is sending me to a cardiologist. and by the way it also happens when i go in the ocean or a pool or when its hot. just like my run in the hills with my team last saturday. it was tons of incline and when i was walking it off IT HAPPENED... TWICE! bu dum bu dum bu dum bu dum BAM buh dum buh dum buh dum buh dum buh dum buh dum BAM1 ya it happened twice. and also i get anxiety on top of exercise whenever i do decide to work out.... can that harm my heart? i know this was long and i seem nuts but any one.. if you have the knowledge or are for certain u have an idea of what this is please talk to me

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Ryan has given you such great advice!!  It's actually great advice for me too, as I have been having those "extra" beats for almost 3 years now, and only recently developed what I call a painful pressure-filled beat.  It is totally unsetteling to say the least, but I can speak from experience that the more you think about them happening the more of them you will get, and if you can manage to ignore them, the less they occur.  I too get them during the cool down after exercise, and while swimming.  In fact the first time I ever felt my heart have an irregular beat was while surfacing from a dive to a depth of about 25 feet.  I have already done as Ryan suggested and had an Echo, Stress Test, and over 20 EKG's and have been told by my cardio not to worry that they are PAC's/PVC's and will not harm me.  I hope you recieve the same diagnosis and can begin the daunting task of ignoring these irritating, and sometimes painful :-( , heart rhythms.  Good luck to you!
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Once the doc finds out your ok, check out the Anxiety and Phobia Workbook by Edmond J Bourne.  It has a section on Deflating the Danger.  It explains all the common anxiety symptoms and defuses the danger associated with them.

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thank you guys soooooooo much!!!!!

so basically its just a painful irregular heart beat?
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Yes exactly!  To some it's painful, other can just feel an extra thump, or a skipped feeling, and some experience many in a row.  Every time your heart beats an electrical current is traveling through it that causes the chambers to contract.  What we experience is one of the chambers contracting out of turn either in the atria (top) or the ventricles (bottom), hence they are called Premature Atrial Contractions, Premature Ventricular Contractions, AKA PAC's/PVC's.  They are fairly common in anxiety disorders.  Barbarella responded to one of my posts concerning "extra" heart beats and stated that she has experienced them for 45 years!!  I've only had them for just over 2 years, which seems like much longer, and I can't imagine what it's like to live with them for that long, but I hope to find out!  :-)  Please keep your appointment with your cardio, get checked out, and if they say you're fine like the probably will, you can begin the process of trying to live with them.  I think of them as an unexpected houseguest that's taken up residence!  I hope this helps you and that you felt better today!  Good luck at the dr!
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cant anxiety eventually over the years cause me to have heart problems in the future?
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You had your MRI already right?  How did it go?  Is everything alright?  You don't have to respond if you don't want.  I understand it's a personal matter.  But I was just thinking about you. Hope it went well.
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ok... well i know u said not to reasearch but i had already knew about this so i would like you to check it out....... http://heartdisease.about.com/cs/arrhythmias/a/PVC.htm

basically what i want to know is if i have pvc's (among many others) does it mean i have heart disease? it seems if thats what the article(that i posted above) is trying to say . but i dont know maybe i dont get it. some places are saying if u have shortness of breath alot its a sign of heart disease.... gosh.. is it? and another thing.... like i said ryan i train mixed martial arts so i am getting the best and intense most vigorous workout u could imagine and i exercise often and during the day i just feel like shat. and it says that fatigue and lethargy is a common symptom of heart disease..and during the day (while driving, since i have a mobile job)i am just always soooooo tired... i always wake up in the middle of the night too. they say that waking up alot in the night is a sign too.... gosh i am freaked.. i know i know i am paranoid.... but you help me alot man and i hope u continue to do so and next week i go to the cardiologist so u wont have to hear my whining much longer. sorry man i have such a fear of dying. and sheesh i am a christian. i sound retarded
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ok u got it i wont research them any more. and about saying i wouldnt be able to do mixed martial arts...... i am usually gassed really quick after the first 15 minutes. but usually that includes the warm ups and my crazy coach pushing us. like i said we ran in the hills and i seriously was huffing and puffing sooooo hard.... but that doesnt mean i have cardiac problems right? it means i am still a little out of shape?  i hope so. but like u said u cant say that i do or dont over the internet. i jump rope on my nights off that i train and i hope that helps my heart. is heart disease reverseable? im sorry i ask alot of questions ryan. u just take the time to respond and it gets me stoked so i feel comfy talkin your head off hahahaha. but any ways its 10 30 here...... is it too late to jump rope if i am pretty tired?
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and p.s.  i do sweat alot when i train and i do get lightheaded when i train.... and what is angina?........
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its ok man dont be sorry your great man. my wife gets pissed at me too for worrying so much.and any strategies on not getting anxiety during training? i am douing good with the whole not being attentive to my heart beat. i am doing real good with not paying any attention to my heart beat.

but any thing i can read on conrtolling my thoughts? and being normal again?

and i take fish oil every day is that ok?
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i mainly think think what bothers me is before i even get to training, i start getting worked up thinking.." uh oh my heart rate is gonna get real high and i get anxiety on top of the cardio wont that cause a heart attack?" then i constantly check my pulse during training then i think my heart rate is too high then it actually does get higher because i get anxiety from checking my pulse....

and one last question,..... when my heart rate is super high....... from training.... and i get anxiety on top of that cardio... is it dangerous? or could cause heart problems?
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