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really scary experience at the grocery store

I just went grocery shopping with my bf. I was fine when we got there but about 15-20 minutes into shopping I started getting weak and trembly, incredibly hot, dizzy, difficulty breathing and just very nervous. I noticed myself looking around really fast like a scared animal. Thats the best way i can describe it because thats how i felt. I made it through the shopping trip but was convinced i was going to pass out at any second. I was thinking that  maybe it was caused because my blood sugar dropped? i realized i hadn't eaten that much today, just  a couple handfuls of cereal but drank A LOT of coffee. So i just got home and ate a couple little pieces of chocolate and some saltines before I cook dinner. Most of the physical symptoms are gone but im still a little on edge after the whole experience. I dont really know what to make of what just happened. This was worse than my usual panic attacks because all they symptoms came on at once. Usually i'll get one which will make me anxious which will lead to another and a gradual progression to a panic attack but this just came out of left field and smacked me upside the head. It was like i was fine and then all of a sudden all these horrible symptoms happened.
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So funny you should say this I was groc shopping w/my 14 year old my husband was in the car all of a sudden I'm dizzy and telling my 14 year old I feel like I'm going to pass out text daddy n tell him to pull up neddless to say I checked out right then n left the groc store I have suffered w/this dizziness for 3 years sometimes better than others but most of the time its there I have had all sorts of test done for dizziness I've been to ent's and had all test done on my heart and scan's of my sinuses and brain and everything is fine. I'm about to start the testing all over again feeling like I'm stuck n nobody knows!
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Oan: I've never passed out in the 3 years but I due get the head zap thingys and I'm dizzy for days!
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Well, it seems possible that your anxiety was exacerbated by your physical condition- low blood sugar, dehydration, illness, allergies; all these things can make the symptoms of a panic attack worse, and then you've got the anxiety that comes from having gone through a panic attack on top of all that.

        If you've listed everything you ate that day, you badly need to adjust your diet- cereal and coffee aren't enough for you to go from breakfast to dinner in a healthy fashion, and a snack of saltines and chocolate would only stop hunger pangs by filling your stomach for a few minutes and spiking your sugar level- your glocose level throughout the day would be in the toilet, and for anxiety sufferers, that's not a good foundation for mental health.
           Life seems to get in the way of healthy living, but anxiety sufferers, more than almost any other group, need healthy exercise and a reasonable diet to control anxiety-  improving your physical well-being is crucial to combat anxiety.
       If you do think that your dietary habits contributed to your problems the other day, please consider eating healthier- protein in your breakfast, with complex carbs- yogurt and fruit, cereal and (real, not soy) milk, whatever-  same with lunch- up the protein, even, and then go easier at dinner.
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Man, I hate the grocery store.  LOL.  For us anxiety sufferers (especially those of us with panic attacks)...it can be one of the more challenging places.  Few things to keep in mind here.  For one, remember that not all panic attacks are going to be the same.  Sure, we tend to have similar characteristics with our panic, but that can vary from time to time.  I think your lack of eating and way too much caffeine intensified the attack, which is why it felt worse to you.

The one thing I would like you to focus on, and pat yourself on the back for is the fact that you didn't flee.  That's such a normal reaction for us when we are panicking.  You stuck it out and finished doing what you had to do.  Even of the trip was cut a bit shorter than normal, you still perservered.

Like benthic said..you need to be mindful of trying to ensure a balanced diet.  Especially where coffee is concerned.  I'm a hypocrite saying that, b/c I often drink several cups (to a pot) of java in the morning without eating and before long, I'm nauseated and jittery, which doesn't help the anxiety at all.  Even if you eat a small breakfast while drinking your coffee, that will help a lot...and maybe try either cutting down the amount of coffee you drink, or try 1/2 and 1/2 (made with 1/2 decaf).  I've never given up my coffee despite that I know it can exacerbate my anxiety, but I HAVE altered my coffee habits a bit here and there when my anxiety is peaking, and it helps.

Try not to ruminate about the shopping trip...it was a panic attack made worse by too much coffee and not a sufficient amount of nutrients.  Don't put yourself into the rut that you begin thinking (and convincing yourself) that the STORE itself was the trigger.  If possible, get back to that store ASAP and go a few times in the near future, just to try to break that cycle of anticipatory anxiety about a location as it relates to panic.  Don't overthink this too much (I know, easier said than done) and celebrate how well you handled a very uncomfy situation!
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LOL...oh the ironyl.  After I finished typing my reply, I got up and poured my 3rd cup of joe!  LOL.  Sometimes we are our own worst enemies!  ;0)
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I can't give up coffee...otherwise I'd have no friends lol

But yesterday was kind of a fluke. I was incredibly busy at work and got home and had a lot to get done so by the time the attack hit is when I realized that I had forgotten to eat! I felt much better after the snacks and dinner. I have to go back to the store for my prescription today and I don't mind. I've been shopping there for 2 years and it doesn't happen every time I'm there. I know I caused myself the attack yesterday. I just needed to vent on here. I always feel better about them after I tell someone.

I'm doing better today. I have a large travel mug of coffee..however I had a greek yogurt and a banana for breakfast. I'm waiting for my therapist appt but when I get home I'm planning on either having a grilled chicken salad or a blt. I'm going to be a bit more mindful of being too busy and not eating. I'm also going to start taking snacks to work, either a granola bar or some instant oatmeal so if I find myself busy I can have something quick.

I get panic attacks enough as it is, I don't need to get more because of my inability to remember to eat lol
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I was meaning to say some days better than others sorry about that type o!
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