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red blotchy chest/neck rash

Just wondering if anyone has a 'miracle cure'!!  For a few years now, I've been getting a red blotchy chest/neck rash in circumstances where I - am drinking alcohol, anxious, nervous, excited, upset - really feeling just about any emotion.  It's gotten to the point where I do not expose my chest/neck ever - and cover up whenever I can.  I had read once that taking Niacinimide could help - and I've been taking about 1000mg of it for a few months, but am not seeing much improvement.  Anyone with any help or suggestions I would REALLY appreciate it.  
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Hi All,

I too am a sufferer of this condition. I first noticed it to any sort of level when I was in my mid 20's (now 32). The redness around my neck, chest and lower part of my face. I had episodes where it happened when I was younger but they were less frequent or I was less aware of it happening...not sure which, probably a bit of both?

I have had hay fever since mid-teens which has got worst with age, I have been allergic to cat hair (now dog hair too!) since I was as young as can remember. Dust is a no go for me...makes me sneeze, skin goes dry and red sometimes wheeze... In the past couple of years I have developed an allergy to shell fish and also have problem eating apples, pairs, plums and some other fruits with skins on. My lips swell very slightly and the inside of my mouth develops a tingling sensation.

I get dry skin around my hair line, behind my ears and sometimes on my knuckles (these all come and go).

Generally speaking I have always gone very red in the face, head and neck with physical activity...Mum said she could also pick me out in a crowd on the football pitch as my face was so red to go with my light blond hair! I have also struggled with central heating, heated air and sometimes air conditioning (cold) though nowhere near as bad as hot air.

Sorry for the mish-mash of information but I am trying to paint a picture of the conditions I have suffered with over the years in relation to the issue I now have of going red in the neck, chest and lower face when I am required to talk in meetings and generally in public situations. I am not a shy person lacking in confidence, I have never shied away from situations where I am required to be forthright or speak out. However as I have become more aware of the 'redness' I have found myself being more reserved in public situations for fear of the breakout. It has got worst with age and I would really like to get some help/treatment. My career is at the point where I feel nervous to take the next step for worry it will get worst.

I find it is worst when I am asked something out of the blue or something unexpected where I may not have an instant answer or be fully clued up. I find it is better or rather I am less aware of it when I am well prepared or I am presenting a power point rather than speaking around a table. When I feel I am starting to go red the fear the people in the meeting are close enough to me to see me going red makes it worst.

I have discovered that when I am in a confrontational situation out of work, I am less aware of it and do not go red. Recently it has started creeping in when I am with friends and family which is worrying.

I am certain part of the problem is mental. I can control it slightly by being task orientated, but this is tough when I feel my neck warming up.

I have read various suggestions as to what this problem may be and also medication that may work...can anyone suggest which pills may help and also whether council ling may help?

Thanks in advance
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How are you doing now? Have you been progressing?

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Yes, I always get it when my body temperature gets high: when I am at the beach, in a jacuzzi, when I get nervous, mad, excited, happy etc. It is so embarrassing. We must find a cure for this.
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Going off gluten has virtually eliminated this neck rash problem for me.  Other steps that I had taken prior, that did help too:

Rhodiola 100mg daily to every other day - New Chapter brand.  Check for interactions of course or check with your doctor before adding rhodiola to any medication.  Great antistress supplement.

NO CAFFEINE, chocolate, or decaf products on days of expected stress (decaf products still contain caffeine).  Giving up caffeine entirely is best as the adrenal glands will destress.

Atenolol:  I took atenolol for a while and it made me less mentally sharp.  Not a great trade off - even at just 12.5 mg.  I would likely take it though if I had to give a presentation - for extra security (I do not take rhodiola on those days).   I have not had to give a major presentation since going off gluten.  My day to day social interactions have not caused the rash to erupt, however, like they used to.  I have been off gluten for 4 months.

Read the book Wheat Belly - a life changing book.  Today's wheat has been modified from the "staff of life" in Bible times.  Going off wheat removed my chronic fatigue, depression, and social inhibition as well.

This is my wisdom after trying various things over the last five years.  I believe that God answered my prayers by directing me to go off wheat.  Yes, it is hard to give up wheat, but how badly do you want to feel better?  Blessings.
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I just wanted to add to my above post.  I posted a lot of info on the hypoglycemic diet on this forum 3-4 years ago (under the same name).  That has definitely been helpful too - read my old posts (it is basically a no sugar, no processed food diet).  I think that one of the reasons it helped me was because it cut my wheat consumption down.  Since food allergies would cause histamine release, maybe most everybody on the forum is allergice to one of the major allergens?   Magnesium supplements and eliminating sugar is key too for sure.  It is definitely a complex problem, which I believe is caused by allergies, adrenal fatigue, poor diet, excess stress, etc.  Hope my posts help someone.
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I suffered from this for 20 years, I would blush,and have a blotchy neck just at the thought of something stressful or embarrassing, a glass of wine and i would be red from the middle of my chest all the way up to my ears, even if I was on the phone to someone if  looked in the mirror after the call my face and neck would be red. It stopped me putting myself forward for a lot of things in life.
I was getting a travel vaccination in London and as usual I was blotchy from the situation so I mentioned it to the doctor,even though he would have noticed it without me mentioning it.
He said without hesitation "" Your sympathetic nervous system is over reacting to the situation,and its causing your body to go into fight of flight mode"" he gave me a prescription for Propranolol 40mg, and the blotchyness stopped within the first 2 days or less, a 3 month supply of propranolol from Boots Chemist cost me 16 pounds, which is nothing. I would have paid 5000 pounds.
Propanolol is a beta blocker that stops the adrenalin being picked up by receptor in the brain.It had very few side affects for me, I had a little difficulty sleeping and vivid dreams for a while but that is a small price to pay for not blushing at the drop of a hat, of being blotchy if someone asks me directions.
Propranolol has a huge success rate an if it doesn't work there are different beta blockers that will work for you. I can do normal things now,so I hope this helps the many people blushing for no reason.
Make an appointment with your doctor and get your quality of life back.
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Hi there, it is very encouraging to hear about your experience. I have the same issue you were having, however not quite in as many situations as you. I have discovered it is worst for me when I have to talk for a decent amount of time in a semi-public situation for example meetings, dinner party etc or I feel I am being challenged in some way. It is really beginning to get me down as I am in a good job, and have been approached to progress to the next level which involves lots of meetings and this puts me off. Saying that, I have applied for the job and hope to be interviewed.

I am not a nervous person, lacking in confidence, but this condition has made me feel more nervous than I need to as I know I am going red in the neck, thus I become nervous about going red...and I get in a vdownward spiral...then I feel people can notice I am going red and I go more red and become so anxious that I can think about what I need to say...it is so dibilitating.

Can I ask, are you someone who has allergies eg. Hay fever, animal hair, anything else?

Anyhing you can suggest would be greatly appreciated? I look forward to your reply.

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I have been dealing with this same thing for ten years now. It starts out where it's just a little splotchy red on my neck.Then it would turn to my chest and grow to the side of my arms and back. I had been living in turtle necks and did not every want to go to social events. This was hard because I am a broker of a real estate firm.It seemed like making it to the grocery store with out the rash was a huge accomplishment. I decided not to give up because I wanted to live again. I don't know if any of you feel this pain in your chest and your neck, and stomach. I thought I had cancer or something. I went to a few dr. and they were not helpful. Finally I found a good family dr who referred me to a throat and chest dr. He said I have a panic disorder. He prescribed Clonazepam . My life has completely changed. I feel happy again and not anxious that I am going to start getting splotchy. I can be in a high stress situation and no red blotchyness. I feel better too. no more pain in my throat and my chest or stomache. I was also sweating a lot and it seems to have stopped as well.  TRY THIS!!!
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try Clonazepam. You sound just like what I had. It helps. Sounds like you have an anxiety disorder. I am a very social person as well,and it started taking over my life where I didn't want to talk to people. I am also a broker of a Real estate firm and it was stressing me out when people would invite me to meet face to face because I always started getting blotchy red no matter what. Try it It helped me!!!
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Try Clonazepam. I went to a a family physician and she said I have a anxiety disorder. It has completely gotten rid of my splotchy rash and I have been able to live again.I can drink alcohol too and still no rash! No more turtle necks for me!!!
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You might want to check out you tube and search for panic attacks and gluten.  There is a video by a Dr Peterson.  I have watched some of her videos lately on gluten.  She describes the stomach pain and symptoms that you described.  Gluten might be affecting your life in other ways, even if meds are helping.
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You couldn't have explained my situation any better! after hot showers, sex, social events. This just started happening to me within the past few months. I am 23 and wondering why all of a sudden I am having this horribly embarrassing problem. I am a waitress and fear situations where I will get uncomfortable because the secondary anxiety from the splotches makes it 10 times worse. Did you find any info on how to get rid of this problem?
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I did get checked for the Gluten thing. I went through so many dr.'s and research and all of them said, "oh you just have fair skin and you have acid reflex,," this last dr. put on this anxiety med and I really feel like I can live again. I recommend people trying this with this problem. It has been a life changer!!!
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Hi there,

Glad to hear that you're doing so well.  I will leave a final thought with you and probably a final thought for the forum, as my comments may be of interest to others too.  I have talked to several people who have tested negative for celiac/gluten intolerance, but still benefited from going off gluten.  Traditional doctors, generally, just aren't well informed in this area.  I think that there are some reactions to wheat that they can't quantify with a test.  I have never met anyone who regretted going gluten free.  I teach health care at the college level and am not just some joe blow leaving a comment.  That being said, not all peoples' anxiety problems are caused by wheat. I wish you the best in your journey and career.  There are many avenues to approach a problem, and we are fortunate in this country to be able to choose from naturopathy, allopathy, etc.
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I'm so sick of this! I've had this condition ever since I was a little girl. I'm now 15 a teenager and it seems to me it has only gotton worse! When I was younger it didn't seem to appear as much as it does now, but maybe because I didn't notice it. It would only appear on my chest when I would cry or get hyper/excited. Now that I'm getting older I've noticed it only seems to get worse. In tense situations or super exciting I begin to get red and blotchey spots on my chest, sides of my face, and on the backs of my arms. Or when I stand in the sun too long these blotches appear on the backs of my calfs and on the tops of my feet when I wear flats or sandles. Examples of this would be... When I have to give a speech or speak in front of the class, or at lunch time when I worry that I wont be able to find my friends, or at Pep assembly and I'm trying to find a seat. Or when I'm nervous, super scared, and super excited and flirty! I don't want to be a plane jane and stay calm and composed for the rest of my life and avoid every situation that makes my emotions arise, but I find myself just wanting to avoid certain activities to save myself from embrassment of this stupid skin condition. Honestly, I guess it's not a huge deal and it doesn't hurt me physically, although it does hurt me emotionally to know that I have to almost constantly worry about this. I should be able to act the way I feel in my everyday life in any situation. The only reason it's a problem to me is because I'm worried about what other people think when they see the red blotches. I felt like the odd one out, but it releaves me to know that I'm not the only one. Doctors' should most definitley figure out what's going on and what treatment that could cure this. Hopefully I can get this figured out for myself. Good luck to all! I hope and wish the best for you! :)
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I felt like I had to return since with my last post I declared myself ‘cured.’  :)  I continue to exercise, avoid caffeine and limit sugar.  I really do feel like that helps although it’s not the easiest thing to do.  But the fall cooler weather is back which means indoor heat and my flushing increased.  I believe that people have this occurring for different reasons.  For me, my main trigger is anxiety and heat.  I was to the point where I was so terrified of the rash/flushing (it was so extreme looking) that I think mentally I was making it happen even more.  And when I could feel it starting, I panicked which only makes it worse.  I honestly felt like I lost the ability to control it and the more it happens, the easier it happens again because your blood vessels are so used to it.  I know this sounds dramatic but fellow suffers KNOW what it feels like to literally break out into a crazy rash (face, neck, chest) when you’re just trying to have a conversation or lunch with someone!  It’s ridiculous to have to live that way.  As you may recall from previous posts, I have been to my Endo, GP, an allergist and therapist.  I went back to my GP and told him I would try anything.  I told him that the combo of Ativan and Propanolol worked for me but I didn’t like taking it since Benzos can be addictive and the other was a blood pressure medicine.  He ran more tests on me (checking for Lupus and Carcinoid Syndrome – I know for me it’s just anxiety but I am thankful he is being cautious and checking everything.)  He had me start on 20 mg Paxil and 40 mg of Propanolol (2 times a day.)  My anxiety is so much better but the Propanolol is what works for me on the rash/flushing.  It’s amazing – there are times that I’m SURE I would flush and I look in the mirror and I’m totally normal.  This has given me my confidence back.  I feel like a different person.  To know that you can speak and your face isn’t going to erupt into flames.  I haven’t even taken the Propanolol twice a day, only once mid morning.  It takes about 90 minutes for it to kick in for me and I MUST take 40 mg, anything less and it can still occur.  Just getting myself more under control, now even when I don’t take it, I don’t go as red.  Anyway, please, if it’s affecting your life, give propanolol a chance.  I’m SO thankful I found this information online and am able to return to ‘normal.’  I’m not one to take medication but my doc assured me this is a low dose (they give minimum 80 mgs to patients with high bp.)  This condition was negatively affecting my life – to the point where I dreaded everything.  Now I have my enthusiasm back and enjoy being around people again.  In a couple of months I will taper off the Paxil but realize that I’ll probably use the Propanolol (at least when presenting) for potentially the rest of my life.  I believe it’s just a reaction that occurs in the body for some people and it’s something that gives me extreme anxiety – it’s not worth it to avoid things when it’s something so easy to correct with a pill.  I feel for all of you out there suffering and that’s why I came back to this post one last time.    
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Hello, I am 16 years old, and i believe this might be what happened to me today. I have really bad anger issues, my family, and my friends know this, but today, i got severely anger, and my friend notices this red blotchy spots on my neck and chest, and my mom said it could of been hives, but it didn't itch, burn, swell or anything. But after i calmed down, it went away, i would just like to know if that is normal?
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i get this rash also, i hate my life right now coz im always thinking about it! I only seem to get it when im nervous or drinking. I tried claritine, diet and calming strategies but they didnt help, im thinking of trying beta blockers now. I just try to live my life tho and avoid thinking about it too much, it only gets really bad when im focused on it, you just need to learn how to switch your brain to another focus..just anything really. I also find if i keep cool i can avoid the rash or at least make it lessen/disappear quickly rather then waiting for it to go by itself. When i get it after drinking it only lasts for a little bit which is good but i hate the first hour of socializing haha. I really want to ask this girl out tho and i know the rash will be present doing this so fingers crossed beta blockers help me out! i know how everyone feels! hopefully theres a breakthrough soon enough on this forum to get rid of it for good without meds!!!
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Hi i was reading your story and its very familiar. I have the same promblem as well, and its about to ruin my career. Have you found any thing that works for you? Please reply back on my email ***@****
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I have the same problem and its getting worse everyday for me! Is the prophanolol still working for you?
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I've posted several months ago and was going to report back on my progress.  I've been taking allergy pills every morning and then again at lunch.  As long as I don't eat the trigger foods, or more than one at a time, I find the redness not to return.  If it does, it's often when I eat a combination of the trigger foods at once, like chocolate and soda, or cheese and tomatoes.

If anyone else is suffering from this, I would strongly look into if, like me, you have an intolerance to histamine.  Its very common in Europe and those of European decent.  Those who have it, their bodies lack the ability to break down histamine correctly.  When you eat foods that produce histamine, your body cannot break it down correctly.  This brings on the redness.  

If you have tried many things but with no success, surf the web for more information about histamine intolerance.  It has made a vast improvement for me.  I hope this information helps others as well.
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I have the red blotchy issue, too. With both alcohol and with important things. I was prescribed Zoloft (which is more commonly taken for depression, but can also be used for anxiety), which I have been taking for about a year now. It helps SOOO much! I would highly recommend taking it to anyone else with this problem. I haven't had any issues since I started it. I've kept my dose quite low (50mg) because it works...

I also have a prescription for Propranolol that I only use before presentations, interviews, or things that would typically cause me to be very anxious. It's also EXTREMELY helpful. When I take it I feel much more confident and able to express myself without having to worry about having difficulty speaking or breaking out in a blotchy rash.
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Anyone heard about IDIOPATHIC CRANIOFACIAL ERYTHEMA?? I think this is what we're all suffering of. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idiopathic_craniofacial_erythema --> check the link

I have been suffering from this since college. Everytime I give presentation or reports I always look like a tomato in front of the class. I tried using antihistamine but unfortunately it doesn't work for me. I think antianxiety and betablockers would be a great help.
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Has anyone tried taking Clonidine (Dixarit)?

I'm a 24yr old female and have been trying to find a cure for this for the past two years (I've suffered from this for at least 11 years). I've seen an allergist, a naturopath, a homeopath, have spent hundreds of dollars on natural supplements and have cut all gluten out of my diet for the past year - I still experience terrible blotchy blushing brought on by excitement, frustration, anger, sadness, extreme happiness, nervousness (pretty much anything other than indifference) and hot water, skin creams etc. It's ruining my life and all social interaction :(! I cover it up with scarves, turtle necks, and Dermablend makeup...but I would love a real cure/solution.  

Today I went to visit my GP and she prescribed Dixarit for the flushing, which is a vascular stabilizer typically used for menopausal flushing/migranes/high blood pressure. I was wondering if this might have a similar effect to Propanol. If you've tried this, I would appreciate hearing about your experience (including dosage, how you took it, if it worked) :).
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I have anxiety, which is mostly brought on by this rash, I'm sure. When I was in High school, it ruled my life, and I dressed and shopped compliant with the rash. Since the fear of it was constantly in my head, I would always get it. Just thinking about the rash made is appear. About eight months ago, I left my boyfriend of five years and moved out of our shared apartment to live with my sister. I became very spiritual, reading the bible and attending a church I liked nearby. I was also smoking weed about three times a day, and was always happy and laughing, with no thought of the rash, and therefore no occurrences of it(to my knowledge, and nobody ever pointed it out, so I am assuming it was non-existent). Then one day I was at a friend's, and we were smoking a lot of weed. After a certain level of highness I reached, all of the sudden I became very anxious. I could barely think about anything except how hot I was feeling, and I was sure the rash was there. My old nemesis, forgotten, but not gone. I could not concentrate on anything she was saying, I was sure I felt an evil presence around me trying its hardest to make me feel horrible about myself. It was almost palpable, and the fact that I let it bring me down, was devastating. I felt like a failure, and have avoided weed ever since. Now it makes me very paranoid, a sure reflection of the anxiety and paranoia that is ever constant in my brain. The pot just exacerbated how I felt, and since I feel anxious lately it magnifies that to the point where I got a panic attack. Now I have been getting panic attacks more and more ever since that one, even not high, and the rash is always there when I feel panicked. Sometimes, the rash is what makes me panic, because I will feel it and feel like a failure for getting it. I went to the health food store, and found something called "trauma drops" that you add to your water when you are feeling an episode. They contain calendula flower, st johns wort flowering tops, and arnica flower. They help when I feel anxiety rising but when it is a full blown panic attack nothing helps except maybe valium, which I do not like taking, because i am determined to get better without medication. A few weeks ago at work, a guy moved over to the booth next to me who creeps me out. I have a boyfriend, but still this creep is always staring and creepily smiling at me and moving over by me and it  makes me very uncomfortable. Also because he is an atheist, which is fine, everyone has their own beliefs, but he blasphemes about my Savior and it disgusts me, which then prompts me to argue with him, and then I feel discouraged that I cannot help him find God, or at least stop criticizing believers.  He was one my left side, and I was on the phone with a respondent and he was leaning over into my booth and just staring at me. I could feel myself get hot, and i looked down to see the rash forming on my LEFT arm, not my right, only the one that was visible to him. Then I could feel it grow, and I went to bathroom and saw it all over my chest, and by that time it had also spread to my other arm, and was creeping up my neck. I had to go back out there, and it felt like the walk of shame. I hated the rash, hated myself for getting it, and hated him for making me feel so uncomfortable. Then I could not get it out of my head what a failure I was, and a panic attack began. I got light-headed, dizzy, and nauseous. I could not wait for my shift to end, but time was against me and crept by at an unimaginable sluggishness. I went online that night, and decided to try hypnotherapy, to cure me of this new found obsession with the rash, this feeling of being trapped in an uncomfortable situation, and now depression because of my anxiety. I over-think everything, but now that I have begun to over-think in the negative direction, there are no perks like when I over-thought positively. No revelations from God, no excellent debating qualities, just utter disappointment. I met with this therapist twice so far, and she is going to put me in a light hypnosis next thrusday. I cannot wait, I don't care if I get the stupid rash, I just DON'T WANT TO CARE that its there. I also do not want to care if people notice it, or what they think of me. It is so crippling being anxious all the time, and feeling that "trapped" feeling that has been causing me to have panic attacks lately. When I go to the grocery store, every time I am checking out, I feel a sick feeling in my gut, and I feel like I am trapped there, until everything is rung up. Why does that scare the **** out of me? It never used to, I used to be able to go the store high, drop **** everywhere, and laugh it off. Id feel a little blush, but it did not freak me out to the point where it would get worse and redder, then spread to my chest in the form of a weird rash. I cant even imagine going anywhere high anymore, I know I would have a panic attack as soon as somebody looks at me. I'll keep you all updated on the hypnosis, because I know this ridiculousness is all in my head, because eight months ago I was fine and healthy, and now I am a wreck.
Any updates?
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The only thing that works that I have found is using a hair dryer before you have a big event. Use the heat on your neck and chest. It will be red for an hour but will die down. It does work for a few hours and you won't splotch up. I do t know why this works so well it's like it's getting all the histamine or whatever is causing the blotches out at one time. I've suffered for many years and I'm 32. I'm glad that I discovered this and it has been my life saver. I hope I can help some people out there.
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I've suffered for many years and I don't know what causes this but if I use a air dryer on my neck and chest it gets all the red out at once. It takes about an hour or the redness to die down but after that in splotchy free for many hours. Hope this helps.
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Benadryl works. They gave it to me at the hospital last week.
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I was diagnosed with mitrovalve prolapse as an early teen, either from heat stroke or scarlet fever.  Now I too am 40 and this red neck problem is becoming terrible :/  I am also very pale and some redness is as bad as a port wine stain amost!!  I do have a Dr appt soon and will discuss all this with her.  I take meds for anxiety, sleep disorder, and high cholesterol.  It seems these symptoms are commonly shared also.
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Has anyone tried oracea? I went to my doctor about this problem and this is what she gave me. It is not a strong as a beta blocker, and she reccomended that I stay away from beta blockers because my blood pressure is very healthy so taking a blocker could lower it too much (to the point where I could feel foggy or faint while on it). From my understanding, oracea is typically used for rosacea and acne, of which I have neither. She also recommended a laser therapy treatment to the blood vessels on my chest and neck. Has anyone else tried oracea or the laser treatment? I am very hesitant about both, but I realize that I cannot keep tanning the rest of my life.
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I break out in red blotches on my neck and chest area when ever I get nervous around people. I've been diagnosed by my psychologist with social anxiety disorder. I'm now on Effexor XR 75mg once daily. It's only been 5 days since starting on these meds and will have to wait and see if they actually work for me.
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I am 18 and I have also been getting this red rash on my face, neck, chest and arms for over a year.  It has caused me lots of distress and I was able to overcome it at one point when my boyfriend and I split up, I was so withdrawn that I was able to drink alcohol and talk to anybody without getting the rash. However, shortly after we got back together it came back and I had to find new ways to deal with it. Over winter I wore lots of scarves and high neck tops but was worried about the forthcoming summer months. In February I started to wear foundation on my neck as well as my face, I use Rimmel London liquid foundation and an applicator brush to apply it to my neck. It has changed a lot. It covers up the rashes almost immaculately and has enabled me to wear lower cut tops and control how I feel in social situations as I am more confident the rash won't appear. I would love to try some sort of drug to sort the problem but I am concerned about the side effects. I'm hoping eventually the rash will disappear on its own, but if not, I always carry an extra little pot of foundation with me! Hope this helps!
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I am scheduling an appointment with my GP about this next week, reading this thread has hopefully changed my life coming up to high stress finance interviews! Thank you so much for sharing!
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Hi everyone,
I am new to this thread, and have been suffering from this since my mid teens. I am now 25. I have taken birth control pills, but suffered this prior to starting those. I now have an Implanon, yet I believe every year the rashes get more severe! I had previously thought they were related to puberty and my inexperience in social situations etc, however I now have quite a high stress job, frequently present in meetings/group situations etc, and it is getting NO better!
I have normal blood pressure (123/83 from 24 hour monitoring, I do have a family history of hypertension, so got mine checked. It did get to 190/100 during presentation at university, but when I am home sits around 100/70, so am worried about taking a beta-blocker in case it drops too low!)
I have a normal thyroid level (had an abnormal pap smear and had this checked)
I am fair skinned, but not really pale, just standard Caucasian brunette, can burn in the sun, but also tan. I don't really have freckles, just the odd one here and there
In the sun, and in front of heaters etc I get the rash
Just writing about the rash, at home on the couch, I get the rash?!?!?!
When I am nervous, excited, happy, anxious, upset, angry, basically any emotion except normal I get this same blotchy red ugly rash! It really effects my taking part in social things, having birthdays, wanting to get engaged/married etc, its greatly impacting on my life.
It occurs during presentations, sex, job interviews, conflicts at work/home, when I am exercising, or bobbing down, or squatting for a period of time
It occurs mainly on my chest and neck, but when really bad my face (I wear makeup everyday to avoid people noticing my face), arms, thighs, back, etc
It happens when I start to drink, especially red wine, but I wonder if it is the drinking, or the social situation I am in when having a few drinks, but as above, once I've had 3 or 4 drinks it calms down a lot!
It is driving me insane! There are many options listed here which I may try. I do suffer terrible hay fever during summer, so normally take Demazin (which has pseudoephedrine, and is the only thing that has helped my hay fever), however I consistently get the rash when I'm taking this :-(
I do also suffer excessive sweeting, mainly during presentations or when I am stressed. As a lot of people have said, I don't feel nervous, yet believe my body is giving me away, I LOVE public speaking, even job interviews, I get excited to prove what I know, and show how much I know, what a good fit I would be, yet you can see the interviewers staring, regardless of my outfit, at my neck/face/chest and losing focus of what I am saying and just wondering what the hell is going on! ARG! I'm exhausted thinking about it, I know it could be worse, but as other people have said, I am otherwise normal, attractive, not overweight, have good social skills etc, yet I feel like this lets me down so so much! Please reply to me if you have had any success with anything, I would really appreciate it!
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Could you please tell me what dermablend product you use? I've just looked it up, but there are so many!
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I've also suffered from the red blotches that occur when i'm feeling some emotion out of the norm, mostly nervous and uncomfortable. I started to notice it when i was 15 and im 23 now and the only clothing i wear is something that covers my chest, so i don't need to worry about it so much. I have started to accept it more now and i find that building your confidence in situations and out in places really does help to decrease how often and severe my blotches appear. But I can never do a presentation or  anything infornt of people for the fear that my chest, face, neck, and shoulders are just going to burst out in severe red blotches. When i feel it coming on i do try and control it, breath slower and deeper, think positive nice thoughts and i can usually make it go away.

But like everyone this is a huge problem for me especially if i'm going on a date! It does seem to be very common and i've noticed my friends are starting to get it as well so im really happy to tell them Beta Blocker or a anti histamine might help :)
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I, too, have been suffering from this rash for many years. I am 32 years old and I can honestly say I never noticed the rash until I started drinking in my 20's. I have noticed, for me, the rash only appears when I am really nervous, drinking alcohol, which I now avoid, or working out, which has become the most embarrassing situation for me because that is when it is worst. I am limited to working out at home because of this rash because I typically wear my hair up and a tank top and my chest neck and face get blotchy, red and itchy. My hands will also swell and get red and itchy. I have read about this in runners forums before, so the adrenaline being the cause sounds the most logical. Now, it's just a matter of figuring out if there is something that can counteract the reaction our bodies have to the adrenaline. If I find out anything more, I will post back.
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How long does the redness last after you use the hairdyrer? Is it something i could use before school? I am having a real bad problem with the redness. None of my friends get it and they ask me, What worng with your neck? It is so embarassing!
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I have had the same red hot rash on my chest for years. I get it when I get nervous. I used to drink Alcohol and that also made it break out....Recently I discovered I have Chronic Migraine - Migraine is NOT just a headache and that red rash is part of Aura for me - So if you ever get a headache after that and your eyes get sensitive to light then you may be having a migraine.  Sometimes I don't even get a headache at all - that is called silent migraine
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I need this red and blotchy skin to stop! Is it more appropriate to visit a general physician or dermatologist to address this issue?
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This thread is very old, and very long.  People's concerns aren't being addressed.  Please start your own new thread:


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I've had this condition for years and it's getting worse.  I've had counselling, CBT, used anti-depressants and nothing makes it go away.  At best I ignore it and it ebbs away fairly quickly, at worst it makes me feel suicidal and I don't mean that lightly.  I feel it develop, I start to panic and it I feel it creep up my neck until I feel devastated.  I feel friends and family do not understand how this makes me feel.  I have a huge collection of necklaces and scarves that will cover this area.  I plan my outfit carefully to make sure I am covered incase of stressful times and it develops.  

I know I am odd because I see people's eyes move downwards to my neck and not my face.  I now avoid social occasions because of this.  It makes life easier this way.

I wish with all my might that his affliction would go away.  It has ruined my life.
I get it as well, I am so paranoid of it, I see people staring at my neck and chest and I know people are looking at this horrible rash, I so want it to go, it is starting to ruin my life, it makes me so low and uncomfortable in my skin. I wish there was a cure, I get it when I eat food and mainly when I eat hot food, it then makes me go hot and flushed, I get it a social events I get it also when I'm happy, sad, overwhelmed, emotional and upset etc, what can I do to prevent this rash??!!!
I have this too. I’m also looking for a cure if anybody has found one. ***@****
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I also have this condition I only get it on my chest but i stood in a wedding and was so nervous having everyone looking at me that it travelled all the way up by shoulder. I am getting married in a week and i went to doctors for a solution she gave me 20mg of propanolol. Really hoping this will work or I just know itll be hugeee. Ill let you know how it turns out.
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Any luck Samantha?
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I have found that taking Tagamet before a presentation or a situation where I might be anxious really helps. It blocks histamine and prevents or gets rid of the red blotches. You can buy it over the counter.
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I'm not alone?!?! This has 100% changed the way I live my life. I'm so tired of covering up and the constant anxiety that they will surface. I just wait for the oh are you okay. Are you having an allergic reaction? Please tell me in the 7-8 years people have been posting, someone found something to help!
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I have suffered this for years it progressed into food and enviromental allergies and finally into CHRONIC fatuige. I was ready to end my life it was so bad. I also have hashimotos and sjogrens. A friend gave me the book "The Amazing LIVER AND GALLBLADDER FLUSH " By ANDRE Moritz. I read the book. Did 6 cleanses and passed over 2000 stones. My allergies and fatuige dissapeared.  I dropped 30 lbs effortlessly and was taken off my thyroid meds. Also I was told my Sjogrens was gone... a desease that has no known cure!  Now after 4 years I have felt so good I have neglected to keep up with the ocasional gallbladder flush and the first symptom back was my thyroid crashing and needing to go back onto my meds. Now the flushing and rashes are coming back. If I get nervous, fire red rash all over chest,face and neck. If I get angry or sad or upset or even happy same fire rash, if I have to speed to someone or answer questions same rash!! I am starting up cleanses again expecting rash to dissapear once again, along with the thyroid issues. The book is free pdf online if you don't want to buy it. No excuses! In a bit she'll it's 6 days of apple juice between meals.(the malic acid softens stones) on 6th day you fast and take a mixture of olive oil and grapefruit juice  before bed. Wake up next morning and flush out hundreds of stones painlessly. Cheap, easy, read the book. Understand what you are doing. There is also a Facebook group for this specific flush. Hope to see you there ;)
Try Xanax for rash.
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I have suffered from excessive flushing that has gotten severely worse over the years.  I've also blushed in the face and it wasn't until I entered my 20's that I started flushing on my neck, chest and back.  And I flushed at EVERYTHING...social situations, alcohol, sun, heat, you name it.  It has been so embarrassing!

Anyway, I recently discovered that I have an extremely posterior tilted pelvis.  Growing up, my mom always told me I needed to suck in my stomach and tuck in my butt for good posture.  I started working toward finding a neutral pelvis position and strengthing/stretching certain muscle groups...and within 1 week, my blotching has become pretty much non-existant.  I wasn't even trying to fix that problem either!!  I'm in shock.

I still flush in the face if I'm embarrassed (I think that's genetic), but I do now believe that it must have been something in my poor alignment had been causing all of the flushing on the rest of my body.  I really hope this helps some others out there!  I know how miserable this can be!!  
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I've suffered with this for years and the only thing which works is beta blockers (prescribed from GP). I don't take them daily, just if I know I'm going to be in a situation where the rash is likely to happen. Take 25-50mg about 1 hour before event/situation. I took 75mg on my wedding day along with an antihistamine (to help with the alcohol rash). My chest and neck were exposed in my wedding dress and I didn't have one bit of redness the whole day! I do find that if I wear a scarf then I can still go red underneath it, but any exposed skin will be fine. Think this is just due to heat from being stressed.

I was nervous talking to my GP about this but luckily he was familiar with it. Please give it a try. The only side effect they give me is a slightly dry mouth.
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I too suffer from this, i get it when i'm feeling a certain type of emotion. It's like I feel everything ten times more than the average person and when that happens, adrenaline shoots through my body at such a fast pace causing this weird rash. It can get quite bad when I have a lot of adrenaline. I can see it on my neck, chest, shoulders and even on my back when i'm feeling a certain type of way and I am sick of it. I just hope there is something out there that we can use to stop all of this. I have tried beta blockers, but I built up a tolerance to them after awhile. They are only a temporary solution in my opinion. Has anybody got new news of cures/treatments? Been awhile since the last post, we should get this back active.
First, making a new post usually gets more responses.  Second, you really don't know if more adrenaline is passing through your system, you just feel like it is.  It probably isn't, that usually happens with an anxiety attack.  Third, those of us who have too much empathy can really suffer in life, and sometimes it comes from insecurity.  If that's the case, therapy might be of more help than a beta blocker.  Not sure if you don't have a heart problem why that was used, as far a anxiety is concerned those are usually only useful with things like social anxiety and public speaking phobias.  
Decided to post on this thread seeing as it has gained a lot of traction in the past, wanted to see how people have gotten on since their last post. I do also suffer from anxiety, but I assume it's adrenaline causing the rash as my doctor has told me in the past that i suffer from these rashes due to my body over reacting to adrenaline. It is hard to tell what it is from...it can happen due to so many different emotions that I don't know why it happens anymore,and it causes me to become really down about it. I know things could be worse and I could have a serious illness but it's still stopping me from living my life to the fullest. Avoiding certain situations, wearing clothes to cover my neck, wearing concealer, beta blockers. I'm seeing the doc next monday to talk about it again, hopefully we will come to a conclusion once and for all. I wouldn't worry as much if the rash didn't look as bad but it's come out as a blotchy red rash all across my neck, it looks violent. To the point where people would definitely point it out if they seen it. I was prescribed beta blockers for the rash but the rash was being caused due to anxiety in the past. But my point now is that it comes on due to any sort of emotion. I hope there is something out there...I will find a cure no matter what!
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