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relation ship problems

how do i get a girl friend? I am new to it and never really dated of line so i have no idea what Im doing to get a girl friend i need advice please help me
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Hi there...

I have no idea of your age....but finding a mate isn't something you can just "do".  There are a lot of things involved in eventually finding that special person that you choose to spend so much of your precious time with.

Being that this is the anxiety forum....are you having anxiety issues?  Like social anxiety?  That we can surely help you with....lead you in the right direction as far as helping yourself.

The other?  LOL.  I don't think there is a simple answer.  If there was, someone out there would be VERY rich.

Also, it seems as though you want to search for a GF "online"?  Did I understand that right?  While loads of people have found mates that way...it isn't for everyone.  Keep that in mind, and always always be VERY careful.  NEVER give out to much info about yourself online.

Please post again and be more specific if you are dealing with anxiety so we can give you the proper support.
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I can't add  much to what nursegirl has already told you. I can only support her advice to you to be VERY careful if you ARE considering the internet to "find a girlfriend." There are so many preditors out there, you must be extremely careful! I don't think either of us can express that strongly enough.
We do need some more information if we are to give you any advice that makes sense to your particular situation. Your age is VERY important. You say you are "new to it," but can you tell us some, if any, of the things you have tried so far?
If you could also include a bit about yourself like your hobbies, your likes and dislikes, the things you find fun and relaxing, if you're in school, tell us about the things you like there, the classes you really enjoy, if you're into sports or the theatre. Give us a "picture" of yourself. And tell us if you feel you may have an "anxiety" problem, especially if it revolves around social type events.
Please write us back, OK? We do care!
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