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reviews on cytomel and hair regrowth

i was hypothyroid for a while now my levels are normal, i stopped synthroid becuase it makes me feel very sick nad im off it i feel at bit better but still having alot of symptoms of hypothyroidism. i recently developed bad anxiety, my hair loss is still persistent (it never stopped), i have trouble sleeping and im depressed all the time with constant headaches. has anyone who taken cytomel gotten any relief? i read somewhere people said that they took it and they felt great. ii never going back to synthroid becuase all it did was make me underweight and angry. im always tired and i cant move around much even tho im thin like a twig. any reviews would be appreciated
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sorry worng category.
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Just wondering why you're hypothyroid, and how long you were on Synthroid?  If you were on it for any length of time, it's very possible your thyroid will never function again without it.  That's what it does.  I hope you've done this with your endocrinologist and have been tested to make sure your thyroid hasn't been killed off by the Synthroid and can still produce the necessary hormones.
im not sure why i became hypothyroid, i was on synthroid for a year and a half. i went to an endo who said that my thyroid was functioning fine without it, and i dont need it.
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