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rolling panic attacks

I've had panic attacks for over 20 years, and I can go for a year without one.  But for the last few weeks I've had rolling panic attacks, some lasting over 24 hours.  I've been given Lorazepam, but I'm just exhasted by the anxiety.  Each time I think it's finished, back it comes.  I start therapy in November, but that seems like a very long way away.  
Does anyone else have these rolling attacks?  It would help to know that I'm not alone
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I'm so sorry what you are having to go through. Only someone that has truly had anxiety/panic attacks understands. I have been there and done that, belive me! I was never fortunate enough to have 'normal' attacks ... I would go from zero to panic for no particular reason. I always had full blown panic attacks that would continue for WEEKS, with no break. Once I had two back to back that lasted for nearly 6 weeks. I honestly thought I was going to die because it got to the point I couldn't even drink water! I wasn't medicated then ... I didn't even know what was wrong with me until I reached out to my ex-sister-in-law and she told me exactly what my 'malfunction' was. :-)  It was nice to know my illness had a name but it didn't stop it. In time the mammoth attacks stopped on their own. In time I was put on clonazepam. Nowadays I only take 1mg a day but I haven't had an episode in years and years, thank God! I know there is nothing I can say that can really make a difference for you .... but please feel free to message me if you what to 'talk.' Just keep taking your meds and know that this too will end! Take care ...
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You are not alone, i had my first panic attack 4 days ago and it was terrifying i didnt know what was happening, i thought i was going to die and i have three little children which just adds to the panic, if you want to share thoughts or just chat i am here, because i would love to know how to beat this because i fear it taking over my life and i want a good future with me wife and children, take care and god bless
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your not the only one,one day i was doing the norm and boom all of a sudden i thought i was dieing,ears ringing,vision impared,heart racing,couldnt eat or sleep,it even paralized me.i was scared to even move afer a couple days of them going on continuously.it was the first time it happend and they didnt stop for 3 months,finally i got put into the hospital due to couldnt even walk and lost over 150 lbs!ive never been more scared in my life.i take prozac for mine everyday of my life now :( so wish there was another way.i wish they would just disapear and never come back
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