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saw this today

... that pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. Pain is the reaction of the body, and as long as you have the body, some pain is inevitable. Suffering is the contraction of the mind, and unlike pain, is optional. Don't add suffering to pain, - relax your mind and the suffering will pass...
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words of wisdom....i will try to keep it in mind today!  snow storm is blowing through which makes me feel kinda 'trapped' and seems to intensify my health anxiety.  so thanks for the refocusing words!!  :-)
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I did some mindfulness reading this morning and it was on the hands. without looking at them all the time touch clench unclench focus and feel the sensations, I found this very grounding and interesting. To think without awareness we do this to our poor bodies all the time but to breath deep and let go gives your whole body the sensations like the hands. Blood flowing warm fuzzy feelings. I seem to respond well to the mindfulness ideas its the trapped in thought i have issues with.
We just had a baby snow storm yesterday, today is clear and crunchy in the 20s, a good mantra i use for that is this too shall pass and spring shall come
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