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scared im having mini strokes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, im really scared about this. Im 22 years old and im having horrible symptoms, im so scared I cant concentrate on anything, I suffer with anxiety and panic but how do I know that these symptoms arent from something more serious???????? My symptoms -
strange flashes when I move my eyes
jaw pain
neck pain
shoulder pain
scalp pain
feel like I cant swallow sometimes
sometimes I feel heavy or numb in places, e.g cheek
sometimes feel like I cant talk property
eye pain

Please help, does anyone else have this?????? Could this be a mini stroke at my age?

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Are you taking any meds for your anxiety?
Anxiety can cause many strange symptoms. I've had many that you mentioned and more.
With anxiety it's very common to have muscle pain all over your body.
The symptoms your describing does sound like anxiety but to ease your mind you may want to see your Dr. Take care. Remar
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Agree with remar.........anxiety. And now you've become fixated on TIA's. Been searching the symptoms sites, have we? Always a huge mistake for those of us with anxiety/panic!
Many of us have had similiar symptoms, but I think the only way you are going to be convinced that you're not having mini-strokes is to see your doctor. A simple blood test will rule out the stroke issue.
And for the Love of Mike, stay off the symptom sites! Actually I'm quite impressed that stroke was the ONLY disease you now have!
See your doc.
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hey im 23... been suffering anxiety for 15 years now and it really *****. i can usually keep it under controll just with breathing exercises (breath in 2...3... breath out 2...3...), reading self help books, talking to some one who has gone through the same thing... sharing stories always helps. my mum has the same problem.. so i can talk to her. evening primrose and fish oil and vitamin b6 complex are supposed to help with anxiety.. so thats my next corse of action
my latest symptoms include:
pressure in head and neck
massive tension in my neck and shoulders
weakness in my arms
sometimes feel like i cant talk properly (especialy when im tired)
ringing in my ear
back pain
muscle twitching.
my neck cracks when i turn my head
it scares the living day lights out of me!!!! i'm going for an MRI scan on the 2nd october.... but waiting for that and the fear of the results has increased my anxiety by like 100%. i dont take any meds... and i dont intend to, i dont like the idea of being controlled by a pill but each to their own.
try reading some of the self help books i find them very reassuring, your symptoms are text book anxiety. there is one called "living with IT"... i have heard that one is good but havent read it yet.
i used to be terrified for years that i was having a heart attack... turns out it was reflux. lol (acid indigestion)
hope this reassures you a bit?
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