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server anxiety.

I don't even know were to start but I don't know if what I am getting is anxiety or I genuinely seriously unwell. I took drugs back in 2007 & since my life has never been the same, I was spiked & this triggered my very 1st panic attack....to this day the mere thought of when it happens scares me. Anyway I stopped taking drugs but since I have had panic attacks, the world health anxiety known to man, generalised anxiety disorder, disrelization, depression & a fear of just about everything. I got into a bad relationship that caused me chronic stress and one day I woke up with a form of tightness in my chest and since then it has never gone....doesn't get better, doesn't get worst....its there all the time, because of my serious health anxiety I think I'm about to drop dead everyday....2yrs later, 2 ecg's, 2 x-rays and I'm still alive! Doctors are clueless with me and no matter hoe much they reassure me I wont listen. I have come down with very bad depression and ever day is just another down day. I'm only 21 but I feel I am slowly on the verge of loosing it. All of a sudden I have got a huge phobia of having a heart attack as I get regular pains in my left arm with pins and needles. I wont leave my home just in case I have one but my boyfriend tells me if it was going to happen it would of happened by now so I need to calm down but I just carnt, I refuse to believe this is anxiety as I am not having any form of panic attack or anxiety when this is all happening. :( I just cannot take anymore of this. Could this really be anxiety or am I on the verge of death? Sounds crazy, I'm not scared to die, am scared to be in pain especially having a heart attack. I know I sound like I am crazy but does anyone else have this? I get a constant tightness In my neck that I have had for 7 months, chest numbness (although when I touch it I can feel it) and back pain. I'm 21, healthy, I take regular multivitamins and no family history of all these illnesses'. Xxxx
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I experienced the same thing with the drugs back when I was younger. It triggered something in my mind and body I guess and I felt panicky for some reason. I had plenty of visits from doctors, blood tests, CAT scans, you name it. I felt my chest alot of times before sleeping, tightness, feels warms sometimes, sometimes it makes it hard to breathe. Recently, I felt tingly or almost numbness on my arm and fingers. I went to the doctor again and sure enough, everything I have checked up on relates to anxiety and panic attacks. Not everyone feels panic when anxiety kicks in. Some people feel chest pains, nervousness, tightness. I really believe what you are going through is anxiety. Maybe it's time you accept it cus it wont kill you and you wont have a heart attack. I know it ***** to accept and just ride it. Dont let it scare you and I know one of these days it will all just go away! This is my hope!
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Hi everyone I'm juan I'm 14 and I suffer from anxiety I feel like I'm in a fake/dreamlike feeling had it for days so dnt be thinking your the only one @
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Sounds like anxiety to me ive had it since 200 & i constantly feel nervous & scared (Like a lower level anxiety attack) all the time in addition to anxiety attacks unless im drugged.
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I had that myself, I still get it all the time. Doesn't help that I do actually wake up in dreams. I just wish it would go, my left arm is now heavy as **** and it affecting the right. Got drs app on 21st but he believes the tests are a waste of time. He did touch my chest wall & the pain was beyond painful so thinking maybe I've took something small and made it a huge deal. Xxx
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