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severe anxiety, feeling alone

Hi there,
im 29 and have suffered anxiety for a long time now. I was on Sertraline for 2 years and came off cold turkey,thats when my anxiety went into over drive. I have health anxiety and the lack of sleep is the worst. My body just will not seem to want to relax. I get so worried that my sleep issue is something far more sinister(ie some random fatal insomnia, which i realise is totally ridiculous!) I have tried to go back on sertraline but ended up in the hospital with a rare reaction. Ive most recently tried Gabapentin and i feel it helped but not totally. I have taken benzos for a very small periods of time and feel they help but im aware of there addictive qualities. I see an amazing therapist and she helps me so much.
Im trying to look into natural solutions, but don't know if drugs really are the answer i feel scared and alone like im going to be this way forever, i just can't seem to shut off my negative thoughts no matter how hard i try.
Anyone out there with advice for me would help.
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NEGATIVE thought are a bummer, if you have a lot of time on your own they get worse ie  nothing else to think about . if you are lonely it wont help that's why taking to your therapist helps because you are communicating  with someone . I had lots of self ideas that I put into practice but most got me in more trouble.  ie drinking, Benzos, , wild sex . ect ect .  you have to find your own path good or bad, A therapist is only good when you are talking together  you soon forget after a while that why people keep going back and back , that hour with the therapist is your only life . and addiction on its a own, Only I think that , many will disagree
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The insomnia and anxiety going into overdrive are classic withdrawal symptoms, and can last a long time for some people.  Too bad you couldn't go back on the sertraline and try to taper off more slowly, the proper way.  That would have been the solution.  Look up PAWS, protracted withdrawal syndrome, and discuss it with your psychiatrist if he or she will listen.  What was the reaction to Sertraline?  Is it likely to recur?  
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Hi, Katty.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  You are right about the benzos.  I would suggest those only in severe cases (many of us here are).  You definitely need regular therapy/counseling.  IMO, with a healthy diet, excersize, and therapy, you could very well kick this thing.  St. John's Wort may help with sleep and anxiety - this is an herb in pill form you can buy OTC.  Best wishes - Blu  PS: do NOT take the ST. Johns Wort in conjunction with any prescription drug, as it can cause reactions that you don't want.
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natural therapy or herbs , are not much use and vary so much you could overdose without thinking. think about it you pick a bunch of herbs crush them and bottle them. 1 patch of the same herb may be twice has strong has the next bottle you cannot monitor 1 plant to another . you shrink meds are all made to a standard that has to pass stringent tests. VALERIAN ROOT  is bought in millions and stinks like a dead body , I tried this for sleep many many years ago and developed a mad headache after 2 weeks that I could not get rid of , till I binned the VALERIAN , This was before I took shrink meds I have a cabinet full of  herbal  crap . not 1 did a thing.   They may well work if picked fresh by a WIZARD but anything in tablet form is rubbish
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Once again, Dyslexic, you are expressing something as fact that is just your experience.  Herbal products are tested with mass spectrometers and other modern equipment by the better companies to make sure the plants are potent.  It's almost impossible to overdose on an herb -- it's like eating, the body knows how to eat.  Pharmaceuticals have millions of awful side effects every day, and companies are repeatedly caught not putting the right amount of product in their capsules or tablets (research Teva pharmaceuticals, the world's largest generic manufacturer, for how many times it has been caught with adulterated product; research any pharmaceutical company for how many times it has marketed their products for unapproved and unresearched uses and lied about side effects including death), but we don't throw the whole body of medicine out the window because of this -- we understand human beings sometimes do things for money that harm us or that no medicine has been invented that is perfect.  Valerian does stink, that means you really got valerian, though cats love it but it does work for many people and has for centuries.  Does it work for everyone?  No.  Can it produce side effects, particularly in people like you who don't know how to properly use them or which companies to trust?  Yes.  Of course.  But if the valerian does work to help you sleep, it isn't addictive and it doesn't cause rebound insomnia as virtually all pharmaceuticals for sleep do.  So you try things, if they don't work, you try something else.  You don't throw out entire forms of medicine because you don't personally know how to do well with it.  By all means, share your experiences, I keep saying this, but stop generalizing to others what you don't know -- you can cause people harm or scare them away from something that might be right for them even though it didn't do right by you.  
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