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shallow breathing

I'm not sure if what I have been experiencing for the past month is anxiety-related, but I have this feeling of
shortness of breath and abdominal fullness (even with water) to the point that sometimes I don't want to eat
and drink and worry about possible dehydration. I also feel  restricted in the upper midriff area to the point that  
I have to remove or loosen  my bra  (not a pretty sight). I had similar symptoms over a year ago and had lung tests and a complete heart cath which were normal.  I do have some stress in my life and take an anti-depressant, but
can usually cope.  I don't like this feeling. Anybody else with similar symptoms?
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It sounds like your medication is pooping out on you, this happens and is normal.  Our bodies build up a tolerance for it over time, and we need to switch medications. Call your prescribing doctor and let him know how you are feeling, he will know what to do.
Take care.
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Hi, I had something very similar too, like a fullness in the chest and breathing gets shallow and cant eat etc etc. I think it is anxiety related symptom, specially as youve had lung tests which showed no problem.. I would try to de-stress like yoga or meditation
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