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side effects of wellbutrin

I have been on wellbutrin xl for 7 days now. The side effects I have are anxiety, dizzyand , dry mouth My doctor told me to take xanax with it until the side effects go away.  Any idea when that will be???  I keep trying to take wellbutrin alone to see if the side effects are going away, but I usually end up taking the xanax a few hours in because I just can't handle al the jittering and other side effects I am getting.    Should I hang in there a little longer of stop taking it?
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Keep taking the wellbutrin it will go away soon, have you talk to you doctor about the side effects that you having
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Wellbutrin is not generally used when anxiety is the primary problem.  It's more of a pure antidepressant like the snris, and as such is stimulating.  That can make anxiety worse.  Dizziness usually goes away, but dry mouth usually doesn't, but we all differ.  Are you doing this with a psychiatrist or a primary care doc?  The latter don't usually understand these drugs very well.  Is this the first antidepressant you've tried, and is it for anxiety or depression?
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